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Evolution of Internet Governance

IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #1 Towards NetMundial +5: What happend with the Sao Paulo Declaration

The Lightning session will look into the follow up of the NetMundial Multistakeholder Conference and the Sao Paulo Declaration from 2014. It will call to kick start am evaluation process of the Sai Paulo document to prepare a review Meeting "NetMundial+5" in connection with the 14th

IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #17 ICANN and Capacity Building in the Underserved Regions

Title:  ICANN and Capacity Building in the Underserved Regions” 

Presenter:  Lito Ibarra (ICANN Board) 

Short Description:  This Session will describe the ICANN capacity building work in Underserved Regions; especially focussed on enhancing understanding of governments on the Domain Name System (DNS) and ICANN.  It will invite contributions on how this work might develop for the benefit of the wider Internet Community. 


IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #23 Frags and Rushes: Esports and the digital competition explosion

“Frags and Rushes: Esports and the digital competition explosion”


  • Chung, Jennifer (AP, DotAsia Foundation)
  • Datysgeld, Mark (LAC, Governance Primer)
  • Camacho, Salvador (LAC, Kalpa Proteccion Digital)


IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #7 Growing the #InternetFreedomAfrica Research and Advocacy Community

Since 2014, the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) has convened the annual Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAfrica) to provide a pan-African space where discussion at the global level can be consolidated at Africa-wide level, drawing a large multi-stakeholder audience of actors from within and beyond the continent.

IGF 2018 OF #20 Technological Innovation and Internet Governance Rules

IGF 2018 Pre-Session Synthesis



- Session Type:

Open Forum


- Title:

Technological Innovation and Internet Governance Rules


- Date & Time:



- Organizer(s):

Cyberspace Administration of China


- Chair/Moderator:

Mr. Yuxiao Li


- Rapporteur/Notetaker:

Ms. Luman Sun

Ms. Lan Cao


IGF 2018 OF #5 Measuring a free, open, rights based and inclusive Internet

Having completed a two-year global multi-stakeholder consultation process on defining Internet Universality Indicators including one workshop discussion conducted at IGF 2017, UNESCO takes the occasion to present the final outcome of the indicators framework and engage further with IGF stakeholders on how to promote R.O.A.M principles (Rights, Openness, Accessibility, Multi-stakeholderism) in global Internet governance and facilitate the application and implementation of these indicators at national levels.

IGF 2018 WS #275 Before you know it, Internet governance will be irrelevant

The decentralized and distributed nature of the Internet made it possible to reach a historical global interconnectedness. There is a danger however that the distributed nature disappears or weakens. In the last years more and more traffic moved to Cloud Providers and from there get delivered to Internet end users via various Content Distribution Networks. (Refer to Huston blog on this issue, referenced below) If this trend continues then more and more traffic flow will bypass the public Internet (transit and Internet Exchange Points). If just a handful of global companies exchange the majority of the traffic in the world then technical standards bodies such as the IETF might become irrelevant and policies from the Internet governance processes might become ineffective. Only few actors will have incentives and the power to get involved with the standard setting at the Internet architecture level. All in all we will see fewer actors that can get engaged with Internet governance and the bottom up, global Internet governance might slowly be replaced by few corporations standards and rules. Policy questions: 1. What policy issues does the death of transit create? 2. What policy recommendations can overcome this issue?

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