Dynamic Coalition on the Digital Economy (DC-Digital Economy)


The Internet is the fourth most impactful invention in human history after - the fire, the wheel, the electricity, and yet, we have barely scratched the potential of what the Internet can deliver. As we move ahead with technologies and tools built to leverage the Internet, skepticism is gaining ground on the potential impact of the Internet on taking away jobs. 

This Dynamic Coalition on Digital Economy (formerly Internet & Jobs- DC- Jobs) is the culmination of the need for sustainable and responsible automation and the potential of the Internet and Internet-based technologies to create jobs and boost economies across the world. It is a result of the initiatives taken by Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Chairman, DC-Digital Economy (formerly Internet & Jobs- DC-Jobs), at the IGF, since 2018 when it was held in Paris and then, in 2019, in Berlin. Over the years, DC-Digital Economy (earlier known as DC-Jobs) has done path-breaking work in this field and announced Project CREATE (Collaborate to Realize Employment & Entrepreneurship For All Through Technology Ecosystem) at the 17th Annual IGF in Ethiopia on 30th November 2022 and Project CREATE released the Job Maps for various sectors at the DCs Plenary session on 12th October 2023 at Kyoto, Japan. The DC-Digital Economy is committed to work with a mission ‘Internet for All. Livelihood for All’.   The Project CREATE Secretariat is hosted by Digital Health Associates Pvt. Ltd. and works with various stakeholders. 

Our goals:
  • Connect everyone to the Internet – Bridge the digital divide. 
  • To create jobs across sectors and geographies through a multi-stakeholder, ecosystem approach of Connecting, Coordinating, Activating, Training, and Enabling.
  • To boost the economy and help people realize the human resource and entrepreneurial potential of the Internet across the globe.

Action Plan

  • We come out with an annual report on ‘Internet & Jobs’ capturing the opportunities, best practices, and success stories to inspire people to leverage the Internet to build local economies and connect them to global opportunities.
  • Organize online and offline workshops on how local communities can leverage the Internet for a better life.
  • Work with stakeholders to bridge the digital divide to leverage the full potential of the internet for boosting the digital economy
  • Recognize the outstanding work done by individuals and organizations in achieving the mission of ‘Internet for All. Livelihood for All’. 
Project CREATE: 

(Collaborate to Realize Employment & Entrepreneurship for All Through Technology Ecosystem)

The Dynamic Coalition supports Project CREATE to realize the overarching goal of the Dynamic Coalition. If we don’t leverage technologies for job creation, we will create a socio-economic upheaval as technological disruptions take away jobs. Most countries have not reached an economic status to opt for Universal Basic Income (UBI). Hence, Project CREATE should be a high-priority project for all Lower and Middle-income countries. Currently, approximately 1/3rd of the human population is not connected to the internet, depriving them of the opportunities that can propel them to the next level in terms of economic empowerment. In the age of Generative & Multi-modal AI, we need to galvanize all the stakeholders to work on connecting everyone to the internet and upskilling them to leverage the full economic potential of the emerging technologies. 


Mailing List


The coalition is open to any organization, entity, or individual working in the field, including Standard Developing Organizations (SDOs).

Our existing stakeholders are:



We work with individuals, communities, universities, organizations, and governments to further our goals of ‘Internet for All. Livelihood for All.’ If you are interested in working with us, write to us. 

  • Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Chairman | Dynamic Coalition on Digital Economy (Formerly DC- Internet & Jobs) – founder[at]parliament.health
  • Manpreet Kaur | Coordinator - Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs – manpreet[at]parliament.health
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