MAG 2023 Members

Below is the list of MAG members appointed by the UN Secretary-General for 2023, with affiliations, stakeholder groups and terms served, including the current one. The list is followed by links to the previous MAGs, from 2011 to 2022. The list also includes a reference to the profile of the MAG Chair reappointed by the UN Secretary-General. The UN press release is available.

This list includes former IGF Host Country representatives as well as representatives of intergovernmental organizations that contribute to the MAG's work. 

MAG Chair
  • Mr. Mitchell, Paul (Private Sector, 2 terms)
    USA - Former Senior Director Internet Governance, Microsoft
Host Country Co-Chair
  • Mr. Yoichi IIDA (Government of Japan)
    Japan - Deputy Director General for G7 and G20 Relations, Global Strategy Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 
  • Ms. Andriamampionona, Hariniombonana (Technical Community, 3 terms)
    Madagascar - Airtel Madagascar, Transmission Planning Engineer
  • Ms. Amuge, Peace Oliver ​(Civil Society, 2 terms)​  
    Uganda -  Executive Director, Women of Uganda Network ‎
  • Mr. Almutairi, Abdulrahman S. (Government, 1 term)
    Saudi Arabia - Digital Government Authority, Vice Governor ‎for Strategy and ‎Partnerships ‎
  • Ms. Birarda, Carina ‎(Civil Society, 2 terms)​  
    ‎Argentina – Researcher and Project Lead, Centro de Ciberseguridad de la  ‎Ciudad de Buenos Aires; Comité Directivo Latinoamericano del CTF Internacional de Ciberseguridad ‎
  • Mr. Buckridge, Chris (Technical Community, 2 terms)        
    ‎Australia - Advisor to the Managing Director, Global Strategic Engagement, RIPE NCC    
  • Ms. Chen, Joyce (Technical Community, 3 terms)
    Republic of Singapore - APNIC, Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagement
  • Mr. Chen, George (Private Sector, 1 term)
    Hong Kong S.A.R. – Managing Director, Public Policy Greater China, ‎Mongolia, and Central Asia, Meta
  • Ms. Cherie, Lagakali ​(Civil Society, 2 terms)​           
    Fiji - Board Chair, PICISOC ‎
  • Ms. Choudhury, Amrita ​(Civil Society, 3 terms)​
    India – Director of CCAOI, Internet Society India Delhi Chapter
  • Mr. Cruz, Genaro  (Private Sector, 1 term)
    Mexico - Head of Research, Technology, and Product Development, Tenolli
  • Ms. Denis ‎Polanco, Maria del Carmen  (Technical Community, 1 term)
    Mexico – Director, LAC Internet ‎Exchange Services
  • Ms. Dofel, Sook-Jung (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Germany - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) ‎
  • Mr. Dundas, Neil  (Private Sector, 1 term)
    South Africa – Chief Executive Officer, DNS Business
  • Mr. Fantinati, Mattia ‎(Government, 3 terms)
    Italy - Member of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Italy‎
  • Mr. Fair, Justin (Government, 2 terms)
    ‎United States - Cyber Policy Advisor, US Department of State
  • Mr. Filip, Ondrej (Technical Community, 1 term)
    Czech Republic – CEO, CZ.NIC; Chair of Board of Directors, Euro-IX
  • Mr. Fudzulani, Bram (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    Malawi - Chief Commercial Officer, Angle Dimension Limited
  • Mr. Gul, Sumair ‎(Government, 2 terms)
    Pakistan – Second Secretary, Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United ‎Nations Office at Geneva ‎
  • Ms. Heaver, Alisa (Government, 1 term)
    ‎The Netherlands - Senior ‎Policy Advisor Internet ‎Governance, ‎Ministry of Economic Affairs ‎and ‎Climate Policy
  • Ms. Horejsova, Tereza (Civil Society, 3 terms)​
    Czech Republic - Project Development Director, DiploFoundation
  • Mr. Hordyński, Ryszard (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Poland - Huawei Strategy & Public Affairs Director
  • Mr. Ibarra, Rafael Lito (Private Sector, 1 term)
    El Salvador – President and Executive Director, Asociación SVNet
  • Ms. Kawauchi, Junko (Private Sector, 2 terms)
    Japan - Director, Digital Policy Project at the Center for International ‎Economic Cooperation ‎
  • Ms. Martins dos Santos, Bruna (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    ‎Brazil‎ - Advocacy consultant and member, Coalizao Direitos na Rede ‎
  • Mr. Mbow, Alhagie (Government, 2 terms)
  • The Gambia - Member of The Gambia National Parliament and Pan African ‎Parliament

  • Ms. Miliza, Josephine (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    Kenya - Africa Regional Coordinator, KICTANET
  • Mr. Mustapha, Brahim Ousmane (Government, 1 term)
    Chad - Head of support and data exploitation, Ministry ‎of Finance and Budget
  • Mr. Navarro, Alvin M. (Government, 2 terms)
    Philippines – Assistant Secretary, Office of the Undersecretary for Digital ‎Philippines, Department of Information and Communications Technology ‎
  • Mr. Niyonkuru, Audace (Private Sector, 1 term)
    Rwanda – Chief Executive Officer, Digital Umuganda
  • Ms. Lugangira, Neema (Government, 1 term)
    ‎Tanzania – Member of Parliament, Parliament of Tanzania
  • Ms. Oteguy, Paula (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    ‎Uruguay - Multi-stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, LACNIC
  • Ms. Palovirta, Maarit (Private Sector, 2 terms)
    Finland - Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, European Telecommunications ‎Network Operators' Association ‎    
  • Mr. Peake, Adam (Technical Community, 3 terms) 
    Netherlands – ICANN, Civil Society Engagement‎
  • Ms. Roach, Carol (Government, 3 terms)
    Bahamas - Acting Director, Department of Transformation and Digitization,  ‎Ministry of Finance Bahamas
  • Ms. Radsch, Courtney C. ‎​(Civil Society, 3 terms)​
    United States - UCLA Institute for Technology Law & Policy; Global Forum for Media Development
  • Mr. Ramírez García, Alan (Government, 2 terms)
    Peru - Telecommunications Policy Specialist, Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Mr. Sultanov, Talant (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    Kyrgyzstan – Chair, Kyrgyz Chapter Internet Society  ‎
  • Ms. Tauchnitz, Evelyne ‎ ​(Civil Society, 3 terms)​
    Switzerland - Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, University of Oxford; ‎Institute for Social Ethics, University of Lucerne, Research Associate & Senior ‎Researcher
  • Ms. Tenanoia Veronica, Simona (Government, 2 terms)
    Tuvalu - Programme Manger, Ministry of Justice, Communication and Foreign ‎Affairs ‎
  • Mr. Tiigimäe, Meelis ‎(Government, 2 terms)
    Estonia - Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cyber Diplomacy Department

Prospective IGF host countries: 

  • IGF 2025 - Designated Mr. Vadim Gluschenko (Director-General, autonomous, non-profit organization “Center for Global IT Cooperation”), as representative.

The following former IGF host countries are also invited to attend and contribute to MAG meetings:

  • Greece - To be confirmed. 
  • Brazil - Designated Mr. Marcelo Salomão Martinez (Head of Division for Digital Affairs Department for Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as representative.
  • India - Designated Mr. Shri T. Santhosh  (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India ) as representative.
  • Egypt - Designated Ms. Christine Arida (Director of Telecom Services and Planning Division, National Telecom Regulatory Authority) as representative.
  • Lithuania - Designated Ms. Diana Seredokaite (Adviser of Digital Agenda Department, Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania) as representative.
  • Kenya - Designated Mr. Dennis Chebitwey (Director of Public Communications, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology of Kenya) as representative.
  • Azerbaijan - Designated Mr. Rashad Azizov (Head of the Department of Innovative Development of the Information Society and e-Governance at the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan) as representative.
  • Indonesia - Designated: Mr. Semuel A. Pangerapan (Director General of Information and Communication Technology Application, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology); and Mr. Donny B. Utoyo (Coordinator of ICT Watch - Indonesia, as representatives.
  • Turkey - Designated Mr. Muhammed Fatih Kafadar (Legal Coordinator at ICTA Turkey, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure) as representative. 
  • Brazil - Designated Mr. Hartmut Glaser (Executive Secretary at the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee) as representative.
  • Mexico - To be confirmed.   
  • Switzerland - Designated Mr. Jorge Cancio (Deputy Director International Relations) and Ms. Isabelle Lois (Senior Policy Advisor International Relations), Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), as representatives.
  • France - Designeted Mr. Henri Verdier (Ambassador for Digital Affairs, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs), Mr. Jonas Roule (Advisor to the Ambassador for Digital Affairs, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs) and Ms. Yana Brugier (Political Advisor, Permanent Representation of France to the UN Office in Geneva) as representatives.
  • Germany - Designated Mr. Heiko Wildner (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport | DP 13 International Digital Policy, G7, G20) as representative.
  • Poland - Designated Mr. Przemysław Typiak, Counsellor and Mr. Wiktor Skwarek, Administrator (Internet Governance and International Digital Regulations Unit, Digital Policy Department, Chancellery of the Prime Minister) as representatives. 
  • Ethiopia - To be confirmed. 
Representatives of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and European Commission:

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