Supporting stakeholder participation in the IGF

As part of its capacity development plan, the IGF places a strong emphasis on supporting stakeholder integration in its processes, which include the intersessional work as well as the annual meeting. These activities include the following areas.

Orientation for newcomers to the IGF
The first-time participants in the IGF intersessional work are welcome to approach the IGF Secretariat with any questions they may have on ways they can participate in its intersessional work or the annual meeting.

To enable participants to grasp the complexity of the process, a brochure has been produced. In a relatively simple way, this brochure explains what the IGF process is about and gives a good foundation to readers on the IGF process. Also, over the years, questions the IGF community has had are gathered in a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which also helps to understand the process. 

Throughout the year, the IGF hosts at least one IGF informational webinar for the newcomers, but also anyone else wishing to learn more about the IGF. The webinar is hosted before the annual meeting, to guide the newcomers on meaningful ways of participation in the annual meeting and share tips to maximise all the benefits from actively participating in the IGF.

Finally, at the annual IGF meeting, usually before the official start, the orientation session for newcomers is hosted, as part of the traditional newcomers track.

  i   The IGF 2022 programme for the newcomers will be made available on this page in September. Also, participants will be informed about this in the IGF regular monthly newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Orientation for IGF participants
The IGF Secretariat hosts an annual webinar to inform about the IGF's approach to its process planning for a year, and explains ways of engagement. For 2022, a webinars will be hosted within the framewok of the IGF 2022 capacity development programme.

Training(s) for session organizers 
The IGF annual meeting is composed of dozens of sessions predominantly hosted by the multistakeholder networks of people and organizations from different parts of the world. In order to contribute to the quality of the sessions, the IGF Secretariat hosts training for session organizers, including rapporteurs and moderators, to ensure the formats of the session are as attractive and effective as possible for all participants. In addition to live trainings, several written documents are produced, such as the narratives of the IGF themes, as well as the guidelines on the hybrid format

Particular support to particular stakeholders
Not all stakeholders have the same expectations of the IGF or interest in its processes. In 2021, the emphasis is on members of parliaments and young people for which a special programme track is designed.