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BPF Cybersecurity Shares Findings with UN Open-Ended Working Group

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The BPF has shared findings from its recent work on international cyber norms agreements during the 'Informal Dialogue with the Chair of the Open-Ended Working Group on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies 2021-2025'. READ THE BPF's REMARKS HERE:

BP-Gender Partner #ShePersisted Releases ToolKit

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#ShePersisted, a participant in the IGF's Best Practice Forum on Gender & Digital Rights, has recently released the Digital Resilience Toolkit, which brings together existing resources for digital security and tactics for preventing and handling the online harms most commonly experienced by women leaders online. It targets advice specifically for women occupying or seeking leadership positions, activists, election consultants working with women’s campaigns, journalists, and the bro

Catch up with IRPC: CoE/EU Activities & More

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This year the Steering Committee of the Internet Rights & Principles Coalition, an IGF dynamic coalition, is focusing on Article 5 (Freedom of Expression & Information on the Internet), Article 18 (Right to Legal Remedy and Fair Trial for actions involving the Internet) and Article 19 (Right to Appropriate Social and International Order for the Internet) of the

DC-Digital Health: Inputs Wanted

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The Dynamic Coalition on Digital Health has released a set of women's health guidelines for public comment. Please share your inputs by 30 June 2022 at: [email protected].

These are perhaps the first guidelines for end-users developed by a team of multi-disciplinary experts! The hope is to nudge a few million women to take charge of their health through this initiative.

All are encouraged to share the guidelines widely.

Cybersecurity BPF Heads to RightsCon

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The IGF Best Practice Forum (BPF) on Cybersecurity is getting its own workshop at RightsCon 2022! The session takes places on 9 June at 21:15-22:15 UTC. It will discuss past iterations of the BPF as well as collect input for this year's work. See the full description and link to register and join below.