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DC-Journalism Call for Proposals: AI & Journalism Report

The Dynamic Coalition on the Sustainability of Journalism and News Media (DC-Journalism) is inviting researchers, media development professionals and journalists to contribute articles and case studies to its annual report on the theme of AI & Journalism. Interested candidates can submit an abstract or article idea (max. 500 words) by 31 May 2024 using the Google Form linked below.

Consultation: Narratives to Deploy Internet Standards

DC-IS3C (Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition) invites you to participate in a public consultation on how to persuade workplaces to deploy the security-related Internet standards DNSSEC and RPKI. IS3C experts have worked on an alternative narrative for employees' use. Please share your views and experience, so IS3C can present the strongest and most convincing arguments possible. The consultation runs until 5 April. 

'We Are Not Just the Future, We Are the Present': Teen Coalition Speak on GDC

On 1 March, the Dynamic Teen Coalition, one of the IGF's twenty-nine independent, bottom-up dynamic coalitions (DCs), addressed open consultations for the UN Global Digital Compact (GDC), a digital principles pact to be presented to Member States at the Summit of the Future in September this year. 

IS3C Publishes Report: Procurement & Supply Chain Management

At the IGF in Kyoto IS3C's Working Group on Procurement and Supply Chain Management published its report. Researchers compared procurement policy documents from around the world and drew some astonishing conclusions from the point of view that cybersecurity is seen as such an important topic. 

Report available in the link below!

Join the Policy Network on AI – Upcoming Confirmed Meetings in June and July

The Policy Network on AI (PNAI) held its inaugural meeting in May, setting the stage for exploration of artificial intelligence and related aspects of data governance in the coming months. Currently, PNAI is in the process of defining the topics and focus areas for its forthcoming report on AI and related aspects of data governance.

Environment DC Discusses Effects of Urbanisation on Mental Health

Dynamic Coalition on Environment (DCE) Global Interactive Session on - Urbanisation, Biodiversity & Mental Health 
Brief - The online interactive session will focus on how rapid and unchecked urbanisation is depleting green cover and causing loss of biodiversity which in turn is affecting mental health and human behaviour, and how technology can be used to help in this regard. 

Speaker - Dr. Shalini Dhyani, Senior Scientist, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

IGF Coalition Speaks at UN Deep Dive on Trust and Security

On 25 May, the Internet Safety, Security and Standards Coalition (IS3C)'s coordinator Wout de Natris intervened in the UN-organized Thematic Deep Dive on Trust and Security. The deep dives are organised within the Global Digital Compact process; IS3C was invited to share its recommendations and guidelines as part of GDC consultations. 

See the statement HERE

Contribute! IS3C Study into ICT Procurement

The Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition (IS3C), an IGF dynamic coalition, is conducting a global study into whether governments, industry and other large organisations demand security by design when purchasing ICTs. They invite all stakeholders, if they you know of procurement documents within their country or organisation, to please share this knowledge with IS3C's research team! You can learn more through the link to IS3C's website below.

Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation to Host Session at RightsCon

The PNIF and UK Department for Science, Innovation & Technology are co-organising a session at RightsCon titled 'Avoiding fragmentation: Options and tradeoffs in support of the interoperable global Internet' on Tuesday 6 June at 11:30 CST / 17:30 UTC for 60 minutes. A joining link will be available on the RightsCon website for registered participants.

YCIG Biweekly News Returns

YCIG are pleased to return to our regular schedule with our biweekly updates! These updates are specifically designed to provide news, events, and opportunities of interest to youth who are eager to participate in the field of Internet Governance. Following an intensive period facilitating youth-led workshop proposals, we continue to recognize and highlight the significant contributions made by young leaders in this dynamic sphere.

Open Invitation to BPF Cybersecurity Kickoff Call on 2 May

The IGF 2023 Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity is holding its kickoff call Tuesday May 2, 7:00-8:00am UTC. The coordinating team will share the proposed work plan, discuss next steps, and explain how community members and stakeholders can participate in this year's work. 

Learn more here and join!

IS3C Advisory Panel Seeks Two Industry Experts

The Internet Standards, Security & Safety Coalition (IS3C) has started an Advisory Panel on the creation of an advisory list with must-deploy Internet standards and ICT best practices to use when procuring ICTs. The coalition is searching for two industry representatives to join the panel.

See IS3C Working Group 5 on the IS3C website for more information!

Details & Contact:

IGF Coalition Webinar on Cybersecurity Education & Skills

Internet Standards, Security & Safety Coalition (IS3C), an IGF dynamic coalition, is organising a webinar on Education and Skills on cyber security education, Wednesday 24 May at 14.30 UTC. What are the challenges faced? How to align the demand from industry and society with the current offer from tertiary schools and universities? Discuss the future (of our work) with our experts.

For more information: 

IGF Internet Standards Coalition - IS3C - in 2023

IS3C’s goal is to make the Internet more secure and safer through speeding up the deployment of security-related internet standards and best practices. At IGF 2022 IS3C presented its first report ‘Closing the gap between the needs of the cybersecurity industry and the skills of tertiary education graduates’. The report provides insight into the, global, gap and potential solutions to close it.

PNIF Webinar 19 October - What Does Internet Fragmentation Mean to You?

PNIF Webinar - What does Internet fragmentation mean to you? Identifying Internet fragmentation and its key stakeholders. The IGF Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation (PNIF) is hosting a webinar to explore how different stakeholders understand and define Internet fragmentation.

When? Wednesday 19 October, 1330-1530 UTC

Internet Standards, Security & Safety Coalition Starts New Working Groups

The IGF Dynamic Coalition, the Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition (IS3C) announced the start of two new Working Groups. WG5 on prioritizing and listing Internet standards and ICT best practices. The creation of this “top 40” and ICT standards repository is led by Wout de Natris. WG 6 on Data Governance is led by Louise Marie Hurel.

2022 PNMA Call for Inputs

The Policy Network on Meaningful Access and its Multistakeholder Working Group of experts (PNMA MWG) invite any interested stakeholder to contribute to its Call for Inputs by sharing cases and practices under this year’s three focus areas of work:

Mythbusting: Cybercrime versus Cybersecurity

The BPF Cybersecurity published a paper "Mythbusting: cybercrime versus cybersecurity" and invites the community to review and provide feedback. The goal of the paper is to help stakeholders understand the key policy differences between cybersecurity and cybercrime such that their advocacy strategies can better align with a human rights centric approach to internet governance. Today, cybersecurity and cybercrime policy practitioners are often asked to “stretch” between both domains.

BPF Cybersecurity Shares Findings with UN Open-Ended Working Group

The BPF has shared findings from its recent work on international cyber norms agreements during the 'Informal Dialogue with the Chair of the Open-Ended Working Group on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies 2021-2025'. READ THE BPF's REMARKS HERE:

BP-Gender Partner #ShePersisted Releases ToolKit

#ShePersisted, a participant in the IGF's Best Practice Forum on Gender & Digital Rights, has recently released the Digital Resilience Toolkit, which brings together existing resources for digital security and tactics for preventing and handling the online harms most commonly experienced by women leaders online. It targets advice specifically for women occupying or seeking leadership positions, activists, election consultants working with women’s campaigns, journalists, and the bro

Catch up with IRPC: CoE/EU Activities & More

This year the Steering Committee of the Internet Rights & Principles Coalition, an IGF dynamic coalition, is focusing on Article 5 (Freedom of Expression & Information on the Internet), Article 18 (Right to Legal Remedy and Fair Trial for actions involving the Internet) and Article 19 (Right to Appropriate Social and International Order for the Internet) of the

DC-Digital Health: Inputs Wanted

The Dynamic Coalition on Digital Health has released a set of women's health guidelines for public comment. Please share your inputs by 30 June 2022 at: [email protected].

These are perhaps the first guidelines for end-users developed by a team of multi-disciplinary experts! The hope is to nudge a few million women to take charge of their health through this initiative.

All are encouraged to share the guidelines widely.

Cybersecurity BPF Heads to RightsCon

The IGF Best Practice Forum (BPF) on Cybersecurity is getting its own workshop at RightsCon 2022! The session takes places on 9 June at 21:15-22:15 UTC. It will discuss past iterations of the BPF as well as collect input for this year's work. See the full description and link to register and join below.