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Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Jobs (DC-Jobs)


The Internet is the fourth most impactful invention in human history after - the fire, the wheel, the electricity; and yet, we have barely scratched the potential of what Internet can deliver. As we move ahead with technologies and tools built to leverage the Internet, scepticism is gaining ground on the potential impact of the Internet on taking away jobs.

This Dynamic Coalition on ‘Internet & Jobs’ has come from the realization of the need for sustainable and responsible automation, and the potential of the Internet to create jobs and boost the local economies. It is a result of the initiatives taken by Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta at the IGF, since 2018 when it was held in Paris and then, in 2019, at Berlin.

Our goals:

  • To create jobs across sectors and geographies, through a multi-stakeholder, ecosystem approach of: Connect, Coordinate, Activate, Train, and Enable.
  • To help people realise the human resource and entrepreneurial potential of the Internet across the globe.

Action Plan

  • We will come out with an annual report on ‘Internet & Jobs’ capturing the opportunities, best practices, and success stories, to inspire people to leverage the Internet to build local economies and connect them to the global opportunities.
  • Organize online and offline workshops on how local communities can leverage the Internet for a better life
  • Showcase our real-life stories and brain-storm ideas and innovations at the local IGF and annual IGF meetings

Mailing List

Mailing List Address: [email protected]

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The coalition is open to any organization, entity or individual working in the field, including Standard Developing Organizations (SDOs).



We work with individuals, communities, universities, organizations, and the governments to further our goals of creating a vibrant digital economy supporting the feet on the ground (local jobs). Contact us: Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Chair – Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs Connect with us:

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