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Development, Innovation & Economic Issues

IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #10 Empowering Innovators in Developing Economies

Session Organizer: Lori Schulman, International Trademark Association, USA


Charles Shaban, Abu-Ghazaleh IP, Jordan

Lori Schulman, International Trademark Association, USA

Theme: Development, Innovation and Economic Issues

Subtheme: Internet for Development & Sustainable Development Goals

Relevance of the Issue:


IGF 2018 Main Session 

Development, Innovation & Economic Issues - Focus on the SDGs

Effective policies for inclusive and prosperous digital transformation – what’s needed?

Tuesday 13 November, 15.00-16.20 - 80 minutes


IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #12 Women Empowerment through ICTS

Theme: Development, Innovation, and Economic Issues.

Subtheme: Internet for Development and Sustainable Development Goals for Women

Moderator: Maria Beebe

Organizer: Lima Madomi

Some women’s empowerment problems could be addressed at the national and regional level by understanding gender and the use of the Internet. The session will review case studies from Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan, and Philippines. Participants will be requested to share possible solutions.


IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #13 The TWO NETWORKS That Expand and Sustain Internet Access

Theme:  Development, Innovation & Sustained Development Goals 

This Lightning Session builds on 2017's IGF workshop "Two Networks Will Shape Your Digital Future" where speakers detailed how both power/electricity and access /connectivity were critically interdependent.  Speakers explored how their synergistic effects are essential to finish the job of bringing Internet access to the remaining billions as most live in rural areas beyond the reach of both network infrastructures.

IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #6 Can we reduce poverty with technology?

LIGHTNING SESSION 6: Can we reduce poverty with technology?


Name: Diego Molano, Chair, ICC BASIS, Former ICT minister of Colombia; International Consultant, Digital Transformation of Governments and Companies

Organization: International Chamber of Commerce, Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) initiative

Stakeholder Group: Private sector



IGF 2018 NRI Session on Digital Economy

IGF 2018 Report Template

Pre-Session Synthesis Due: 2 November 2018

Short Report Due: Within 12 hours of when session is held

Long Report Due: 27 November 2018



- Session Type (Workshop, Open Forum, etc.): Panel

IGF 2018 OF #14 La Francophonie et la transformation numérique

The Open Forum focuses on La Francophonie's action in the field of digital transformation.  International Organisation of Francophonie and Francophonie operators such as the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, TV5, Senghor University and others have taken the digital turn and committed themselves to supporting French-speaking developing countries in their transition to digital. This is broken down by their different fields of activity.

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