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Selected Workshop Proposals 2020

IGF 2020 WS #20 Exploring the future of endangered languages in cyberspace Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #37 Community Network, Electricity and Digital Inclusion Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #43 Trusted Digital Space via PRIDA–Informed Transformed Africa Trust
IGF 2020 WS #53 Right to Play?---Online Gaming and Child Rights Trust
IGF 2020 WS #57 E-Human Trafficking: Understanding,Challenges,Opportunities Trust
IGF 2020 WS #59 Everything you wanted to ask about Hate Speech but didn't Trust
IGF 2020 WS #71 Building trust through responsible response to global crises Trust
IGF 2020 WS #72 Tech for the Planet Environment
IGF 2020 WS #73 DNS over HTTPS (DoH): Human Rights, Markets, and Governance Data
IGF 2020 WS #75 AI solution and governance for global public emergencies Data
IGF 2020 WS #81 Overcoming the US-China digital Cold War Trust
IGF 2020 WS #92 Setting Children's Rights in the Internet Governance Agenda Trust
IGF 2020 WS #97 Fact-Checking: A Realm for Multi-stakeholder model? Trust
IGF 2020 WS #100 Best environmental practices across the Internet value-chain Environment
IGF 2020 WS #105 Designing inclusion policies in Internet Governance Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #107 Educational Opportunities & Challenges in Times of Crisis Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #116 Pandemics & Access to Medicines: A 2020 Assessment Trust
IGF 2020 WS #119 Mobile Internet Impact on the environment in 5G era Environment
IGF 2020 WS #122&20 Data to Inclusion: Building datasets in African Languages Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #125 How do you embed trust and confidence in AI? Data
IGF 2020 WS #128 Global crises and socially responsible data responses Data
IGF 2020 WS #129 The Revolution won't be Televised, but Social Mediatised? Trust
IGF 2020 WS #130 Election in times of disinformation Trust
IGF 2020 WS #132 Inclusion Challenges and Solutions for Fair Online Education Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #139 CopyLeft or Right? Mediating Interests in Academic Databases Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #147 Building digital bridges: engaging young women online Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #152 Cultural processes in the age of the digital revolution Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #163 Access Challenges among Rural Communities & Local Solutions Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #165 Unlocking the Digital Potential of the DLDC (Part II) Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #168 Capacity Building in the Age of Convergence Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #176 Assurance and transparency in ICT supply chain security Trust
IGF 2020 WS #180 Trust, Media Ethics & Governance During COVID-19 Crisis Trust
IGF 2020 WS #182&318 Discussion on the Protection of Personal Data/Information and Privacy in the Prevention and ‎Control of COVID-19‎ Data
IGF 2020 WS #184 Children’s Rights and Participation in Data Governance Data
IGF 2020 WS #187 Open data For Women and Persons with disabilities Data
IGF 2020 WS #194 Governing Cross Border Data Flow & Sustainable Development Data
IGF 2020 WS #195 Protection or Participation? Child Rights in a New Normal Trust
IGF 2020 WS #202 Digital Discrimination during the COVID 19 Pandemic Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #204 Internet Data Protection Under Different Jurisdictions Data
IGF 2020 WS #207 Ensuring Trusted Data Sharing for Monitorining the SDGs Data
IGF 2020 WS #210 Nobody Left Behind - Interregional Cyber Capacity Building Trust
IGF 2020 WS #212 Learn from Home During COVID-19 Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #213 Bridging the data divide – for planet, people and prosperity Data
IGF 2020 WS #216 Governance and Business Models for Inclusive Development Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #217 The role of digital tech. in environmental sustainability Environment
IGF 2020 WS #218 Climate Change Disinformation - Beyond Confusion, Action Environment
IGF 2020 WS #219 Co-Designing policies for a sustainable digital industry Environment
IGF 2020 WS #231 Youth&Sustainability: Creating change through collaboration Environment
IGF 2020 WS #234 Security of digital products: Industry and enhancing trust Trust
IGF 2020 WS #236 Data flows, Trade and International Cooperation Data
IGF 2020 WS #246 Will the real public Interest internet please stand up? Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #247 ICTs, SDGs, and Existing Data Gaps for Measuring Progress Data
IGF 2020 WS #248 e-Learning: how to tackle accessibility challenges online Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #252 Connected Health in the Post-Covid-19 Era Data
IGF 2020 WS #254 The interaction of platform content moderation & geopolitics Trust
IGF 2020 WS #255 Digital (In)accessibility and Universal Design Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #259 Building Inclusive Digital Economies in Emerging Markets Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #260 COVID-19 “Dis-infodemic”: Challenges, lessons, opportunities Trust
IGF 2020 WS #266 Sustainable #netgov By Design: Environment & Human Rights Environment
IGF 2020 WS #267 Universal Acceptance of Domain Names and Email Addresses Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #271 Multilingualism online: old challenges and new perspectives Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #273 Enhancing sustainable computing, production & consumption Environment
IGF 2020 WS #287 Robots against disinformation - Automated trust building? Trust
IGF 2020 WS #289 Women and the platform economy: Access, Autonomy and Agency Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #290 Unlocking the Internet: Stakeholder Perspectives of Interoperability Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #299 Building Digital Security for Journalists Trust
IGF 2020 WS #304 Reaffirming human rights in company responses to crisis Trust
IGF 2020 WS #310 How digital payments support inclusive economic growth? Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #317 DNS-Abuse in the Age of COVID-19: Lessons Learned Trust
IGF 2020 WS #318 Protecting privacy in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic Data
IGF 2020 WS #323 Emerging perspectives on the Internet Exchange Points Trust
IGF 2020 WS #324 One size fits all? Global norms as a threat to inclusion. Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #325 Internet of Things: Trust, Trick or Threats? Trust
IGF 2020 WS #326 The promises and perils of satellite internet Trust
IGF 2020 WS #327 Believe it or not, the Internet Protocol is on Sale! Inclusion
IGF 2020 WS #330 The Future of Work from Home: Internet Governance Post Covid Data
IGF 2020 WS #338 Keeping us together: Internet infrastructure in emergencies Environment
IGF 2020 WS #339 The circular economy of ICT Environment
IGF 2020 WS #340 Checks and balances of data privacy within mass surveillance Data
IGF 2020 WS #341 Multistakeholder Voices and the UN Cyber Dialogues Trust
IGF 2020 WS #342 People vs machines: collaborative content moderation Trust
IGF 2020 WS #343 Imagining an internet that serves environmental justice Environment
IGF 2020 WS #346 A Recipe for Deterrence in Cyberspace Trust
IGF 2020 WS #350 Attributing attacks: political, technical & legal dimensions Trust
IGF 2020 WS #352 Digital Human Rights: Digital integrity of the human person Trust
IGF 2020 WS #353 Hacking-Back: A Dialogue with Industry Trust
IGF 2020 WS #357 New profiles of marketing aimed at children in the Internet Trust

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