IGF 2022 Workshops

Below are the workshops in the final IGF 2022 programme, selected by the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) at its Second Open Consultations and Meeting on 6-8 July 2022. 79 workshops were selected out of a total of 246 proposals received (data on proposals available here).

The workshops are listed thematically, with themes appearing from most to least populated. 

Connecting All People and Safeguarding Human Rights
IGF 2022 WS #70 Fighting the creators and spreaders of untruths online                    
IGF 2022 WS #162 Rural Community Networks, Electricity and Digital inclusion                     
IGF 2022 WS #183 Digital Wellbeing of Youth: Selfgenerated sexualised content                    
IGF 2022 WS #235 Dialogue on the 'Declaration for the Future of the Internet'                    
IGF 2022 WS #236 To Regulate or not to Regulate?                     
IGF 2022 WS #242 Lessons Learned from Capacity Building in the Global South                    
IGF 2022 WS #247 It is for all: Meaningful access and affordable Internet                    
IGF 2022 WS #252 Building a safe & trustworthy digital world for all children                    
IGF 2022 WS #292 connectivity at the critical time: during and after crises                    
IGF 2022 WS #341 Global youth engagement in IG: successes and opportunities                    
IGF 2022 WS #352 Youth lenses on Meaningful Access and Universal Connectivity                    
IGF 2022 WS #395 Creating a safer Internet while protecting human rights                    
IGF 2022 WS #399 Global Governance of LEO Satellite Broadband                    
IGF 2022 WS #401 Strengthening African voices in global digital policy                    
IGF 2022 WS #411 Move Fast and Fix Policy! Advocacy in an era of rapid change                    
IGF 2022 WS #440 Declaration for the Future of the Internet                     
IGF 2022 WS #446 Harnessing the Power of Accessible Technology                    
IGF 2022 WS #454 Accountability in Building Digital ID Infrastructures                    
IGF 2022 WS #482  Internet Shutdowns: Diverse risks, challenges, and needs                    
IGF 2022 WS #485 Overcome effectiveness challenges in CNs' project                    
IGF 2022 WS #491 The future of Interplanetary networks-A talk with Vint Cerf                    
IGF 2022 WS #500 Role of Community to Achieve Universal Acceptance                    
IGF 2022 WS #502 Platform regulation: perspectives from the Global South                    
IGF 2022 WS #510 Financing mechanisms for locally-owned Internet networks                    
IGF 2022 WS #517 New data on fairer access to health using the Internet                    
Enabling Safety, Security and Accountability
IGF 2022 WS #71 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; online gender violence                    
IGF 2022 WS #214 Blurred lines between fact & fiction: Disinformation online                    
IGF 2022 WS #229 Dark patterns: an online challenge in consumer protection                    
IGF 2022 WS #253 Towards Cyber Development Goals: implementing global norms                    
IGF 2022 WS #260 Protecting Shared Computation (Cloud Security)                    
IGF 2022 WS #283 Capacity Building for Safe&Secure Cyberspace: Making It Real                    
IGF 2022 WS #318 Gen-Z in Cyberspace: Are We Safe Online?                    
IGF 2022 WS #326 Platform Responsibilities for Journalist Digital Safety                    
IGF 2022 WS #357 Cyberattacks and e-evidence – attribution and accountability                    
IGF 2022 WS #370 Addressing the gap in measuring the harm of cyberattacks                    
IGF 2022 WS #416 Human Rights Centered Technology in Emergency Responses                    
IGF 2022 WS #420 Skills of tomorrow: youth on the cybersecurity job market                    
IGF 2022 WS #493 Is encryption a human right? Voices of human rights actors                     
IGF 2022 WS #501 Spyware Industry, human rights, and the Internet ecosystem                    
IGF 2022 WS #505 DNS Abuse: Where are we and where do we want to be?                    
IGF 2022 WS #523 Youthful approach at data protection in messaging apps                    
Addressing Advanced Technologies, including AI
IGF 2022 WS #58 Realizing Trustworthy AI through Stakeholder Collaboration                    
IGF 2022 WS #206 AI: Need for fundamental regulation for the Global South                    
IGF 2022 WS #217 Joint efforts to build a responsible & sustainable Metaverse                    
IGF 2022 WS #219 Global AI Governance for Sustainable Development                     
IGF 2022 WS #240 Pathways to equitable and safe development of AGI                    
IGF 2022 WS #258 Governing AI & Education Technologies Transforming Education                    
IGF 2022 WS #337 Assurance and certification of emerging digital technologies                    
IGF 2022 WS #350 Why Digital Transformation and AI Matter for Justice                    
IGF 2022 WS #354 Affective Computing: The Governance challenges                     
IGF 2022 WS #364 Misty Metaverse: Blurring Letter of the Law                    
IGF 2022 WS #406 Meaningful platform transparency in the Global South                    
IGF 2022 WS #424 How can data justice be realised ​​practically?                     
IGF 2022 WS #439 Afro-feminist AI Governance; Challenges and Lessons                    
IGF 2022 WS #452 Reducing Disparate Outcomes with Digital Health Tools                     
IGF 2022 WS #497 Designing an AI ethical framework in the Global South                    
Governing Data and Protecting Privacy
IGF 2022 WS #63  The Impact of Digital Citizenship on Statelessness                    
IGF 2022 WS #69 Governing Cross-Border Data Flows, Trade Agreements & Limits                    
IGF 2022 WS #160 Connectvity and Digital Rights  a View from the Global South                    
IGF 2022 WS #224 Ethical and legal boundaries for OSINT practices                    
IGF 2022 WS #254 Trustworthy data flows: building towards common principles                    
IGF 2022 WS #261 Perils and opportunities of data integration for security                     
IGF 2022 WS #269 Data privacy gap: the Global South youth perspective                    
IGF 2022 WS #282 Protection of personal data in e-government projects                    
IGF 2022 WS #309 Access to remedies in safeguarding rights to privacy & data                    
IGF 2022 WS #393 Protect the Digital Rights and Data Security for the Elderly                    
IGF 2022 WS #403 Cross-Border Data Sharing for Public Safety                    
IGF 2022 WS #471 Addressing children’s privacy and edtech apps                    
IGF 2022 WS #528 Privacy in Public? Making Digital Infrastructure Accountable                    
Avoiding Internet Fragmentation
IGF 2022 WS #66 Reassessing Government Role in IG: How to embrace Leviathan                     
IGF 2022 WS #335 FR: Fragmented Reality. New Horizons of Digital Distrust                     
IGF 2022 WS #342 Protecting a Global Internet in an Age of Economic Sanctions                    
IGF 2022 WS #369 Harmonising online safety regulation                    
IGF 2022 WS #405 Splintering from the core up? Fragmentation and Standards                     
IGF 2022 WS #422 Toward a Resilient Internet: Cyber Diplomacy 2.0                     
IGF 2022 WS #458 Do Diverging Platform Regulations Risk an Open Internet?                    
IGF 2022 WS #475 Balancing Digital Sovereignty and the Splinternet                     
IGF 2022 WS #494 Cutting Ties: Citizens caught between conflict and tech