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Planning for IGF 2022 Begins

Results Are In: IGF Stocktaking & Thematic Inputs

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Planning for IGF 2022 Begins


The IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), the 2022 Host Country, Ethiopia, and the IGF community, kicked off planning for the IGF 2022 cycle during the First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, held online on 23-25 February. 


The first formal meeting took stock of IGF 2021, discussed organizational improvements, and explored policy priorities to set the agenda for the IGF’s intersessional work and annual meeting this year. With a view to strengthening the IGF’s linkages with global digital policy mechanisms and the value it can bring to these, it was agreed that the IGF 2022 programme will align closely with the UN Secretary-General’s proposed Global Digital Compact, around critical areas of universal connectivity, data protection, addressing the policy implications of technologies like AI, and more. 


Internet Fragmentation, Meaningful Access, the Environment, Cybersecurity, and Gender, were all topics under discussion by the MAG for chartering intersessional activities.


The meeting also heard interventions from IGF partner organizations: APC, APNIC, Cgi.br, the Council of Europe, DotAsia, the European Commission, ICANN, ICC-BASIS, ISOC, ITU, OECD, UNESCO, the UN Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, and WIPO.


Couldn’t make the meeting? Catch up with these key documents and outputs:

Results Are In: IGF Stocktaking & Thematic Inputs


The Secretariat put out two community calls to inform IGF 2022 programme planning, for: inputs to take stock of IGF 2021 and suggest improvements for IGF 2022; and inputs to indicate thematic preferences for this year’s programme. 


Stocktaking inputs have been synthesized in a Secretariat analysis, which found positive feedback on the organization of IGF 2021, held despite the challenges of the global pandemic, and recommendations to improve hybrid meeting features, expand outreach to under-represented stakeholders, and enhance IGF visibility. 


There were 191 respondents to the IGF’s annual thematic call. What are stakeholders’ top issues? Cyberattacks & Cyber Conflict, Child Online Safety, Artificial Intelligence, and Access & Connectivity.


Be sure to check out the stocktaking and thematic inputs in full.


Intersessional Activities & NRIs


Best Practice Forums (BPFs) & Policy Networks (PNs)


The Secretariat-supported 2021 intersessional work streams - two BPFs, on Cybersecurity and on Gender, and two PNs, on Environment and on Meaningful Access - are currently under discussion by the MAG for continuation in 2022.


Take a look at their work:

Dynamic Coalitions (DCs)

There’s an issue-based DC for everyone: Internet & Jobs, Internet Standards, Platform Responsibility, Data & Trust, and Journalism & New Media, among many others. Learn about their work

DCs collaborate throughout the year and have begun their coordination meetings in 2022, focused on better integration with overall IGF programme planning, increasing links with other intersessional activities, and raising the profile of their policy outputs.

National, Regional and Youth IGF initiatives (NRIs)

Following on a year of cooperation throughout 2021, the network of national, regional and youth IGF initiatives is in the process of shaping its 2022 work plan. Substantive areas of mutual interest are mapped and looked at holistically by the NRIs to focus their sessions on. See the top ranked themes across the NRIs.

More Information on the NRIs Page


IGF Capacity Development: Grants for Eligible NRIs


To foster capacity development in Internet governance at local levels, the IGF Secretariat, with the support of its donors, is continuing to make grants available to eligible NRIs. NRIs are invited to review the eligibility criteria here and apply within the deadline – 20 March 2022.


This year’s capacity development activities will build on the significant results achieved in 2021, including: capacity development workshops, support to remote hubs, support to IGF participants, and cooperation with schools on Internet governance and systematic engagement with legislators and youth, among others. 


More Information on the Capacity Development Page


IGF Expert Group Meeting in New York


The IGF Expert Group Meeting (EGM), an expert-level working retreat organized by the UN Secretariat, is planned to take place between 30 March and 1 April at UN Headquarters in New York. The aim of the EGM is to produce concrete proposals for how the IGF can advance digital cooperation at a critical juncture in the global digital policy discourse, and strengthen its own relevance and multistakeholder processes. 


Public calls for inputs and expert nominations for the EGM were open until 28 February. All inputs can be viewed here. The selection of nominees to fill 32 participant slots is underway.


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