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NRIs Virtual Meeting XVI


- Virtual Meeting XVI, 12 December 2017, 14:00 p.m. UTC -



  1. The 16th virtual meeting of the National, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives (NRIs), took place on 12 December 2017 at 14:00 p.m. UTC.
  2. The meeting was hosted by the IGF Secretariat’s NRIs Focal Point, Anja Gengo. Agenda is attached to this document as Annex A1 and a list of Meeting Participants as Annex A2. The list of share documents is attached to this report as Annex A3.
  3. The Host asked the participants to review the shared agenda for its final approval. From the IGF-USA, it was asked to add under the AoB a feedback on the recently publish publication regarding the NRIs, by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). With this addition, the agenda was adopted.

Summary of key points

  1. The Host noted that the main purpose of this meeting is to review the scenario for the NRIs Main Session. A draft version of the scenario was shared with the participants, for their review and approval (Annex A3.1).
  2. After having all participants reviewing the scenario, the Host asked if they are in agreement with proposed version, as well as if they agree to keep the section where the speakers will interact with the audience (Q&A) during the second session segment.
  3. Present participants did not have any substantive inputs to the scenario, and have agreed that the Q&A section should be reserved for the second segment of the session (15:00-16:00 p.m.), because that will be the way to attract the audience to come back after the break to the session room.
  4. After reviewing the scenario, all participants reviewed the presentation that will serve as the opening introduction of the main session (A3.2).
  5. From the Armenia IGF and SEEDIG, it was advised to edit the word ‘para.’ to ‘paragraph’.
  6. Coordinator from Portugal IGF asked for this initiative’s annual meeting date to be correctly inserted.
  7. From the Italian IGF and IGF-USA, it was advised to add a separate slide with a title: ‘Integration of the NRIs into the IGF 2017’, followed by the reflections to each of the NRIs related sessions at the IGF 2017, including the NRIs booth.
  8. A co-coordinator from the IGF-USA advised that a footnote should be added that the reporting is related to growth of the NRIs across five IGF cycles. Also, it was suggested to add a note that information on these slides are produced by the IGF Secretariat, with contact details in case anyone would have questions or would use slides. For the slide that contains the map of the NRIs, it was advised that a note should be added to indicate that the map is constantly being updated by the IGF Secretariat, following inputs from the NRIs.
  9. From the China IGF, it was asked how many speakers can participate at the NRIs Main Session, on behalf of one NRI. It was said that the NRIs are free to delegate as many as they want, as long as the agreed timing is respected.
  10. The Host invited the NRIs to help finding three more rapporteurs for the NRIs Main Session, and one for the NRIs Coordination Session.
  11. From the Italian IGF, it was noted that models of better integration of the NRIs into the IGF should be discussed at relevant sessions. It was also said that it would be useful to discuss different models of multistakeholder approach the NRIs apply, during the IGF 2017 meeting. The Host suggested that the NRIs Coordination Session could be a good opportunity for these important questions to be addressed.
  12. To the remarks of the Italian IGF co-coordinator, that the involvement of young people should be discussed, the Host noted that the IGF Secretariat will facilitate a work meeting on this matter during the IGF, with inviting all participants to join, details here.
  13. In regards to the status of the NRIs Coordination Session, the Host shared the agenda that was built by the NRIs. It was informed that formal invitations were sent to the IGF Secretariat’s Programme and Technology Manager; IGF MAG Chair, and toward UNDESA. A confirmation of acceptance to the IGF MAG Chair was noted, while other two are pending confirmations.
  14. The Host briefed the NRIs that the info-materials for the booth are with the printing company, and that they should be delivered on Friday, 15 December. The Host said that the NRIs Focal Point will enter the IGF Village area on Sunday and set up the NRIs booth. From the APrIGF, a help was offered. Everyone were encouraged to volunteer to spend some time at the booth and add their name at the Booth Schedule.
  15. It was agreed that the Host will share a doodle poll for the NRIs to choose the best times for having two informal meetings during the IGF 2017, in order to finalize the preparations for the NRIs Main Session onsite.
  16. Under the AoB, the IGF-USA co-coordinator said that she read the publication, but that unfortunately can only speak about the IGF-USA related content. All participants were advised to read the publication. A note of information was shared with participants that the IGFSA did not endorse this publication, despite that a member contributed to this publication’s content.
  17. The Host noted that we should comment on this publication, after we all read the produced content. It was said that the IGF Secretariat supported the first publication the APC produced in terms of providing accurate factual information. However, the Secretariat was not involved in the second publication development.
  18. From Armenia IGF and SEEDIG, it was said that they provided content asked by the author of this publication. However, they were not aware that the publication will be used in commercial purposes, which raises concerns with this respective initiative.
  19. On behalf of EuroDIG, the coordinator said that this initiative was asked by the APC to complete a questionnaire, now available on the EuroDIG’s website as well. It was said that this initiative is aware that an external party was asked to provide analytical overview of EuroDIG. With nothing that it is always good to have external perspectives, a process regarding the selection of authors was questioned. The coordinator expressed hope to receive a copy of the book during the IGF, in order to understand the content, but also see if the questionnaire was integrated in this publication, along with mentioned analytical overview.
  20. At the end, the IGFSA Executive Committee’s member invited everyone to join the IGFSA session at the IGF. It was said that all relevant details will be shared with the NRIs via dedicated mailing list.


Next Steps

  1.  A full summary report will be sent to the NRIs mailing list.
  2.  The IGF Secretariat will share the doodle poll for the NRIs to choose best options for two informal gatherings during the IGF.
  3.  The Host will update the 4presentation as per receive inputs, and share with the NRIs.
  4. Next meeting: It was agreed that this will be the last virtual meeting in this year, and that the NRIs will continue meeting while in Geneva for the IGF 2017 annual meeting.
  5.  For any suggestions or questions regarding the Report, kindly contact the IGF Secretariat, NRIs Focal Point at: [email protected].


National and Regional IGF Initiatives (NRIs)
AGENDA: Virtual Meeting XVI, 12 December 2017, at 14:00 p.m. UTC

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. NRIs Main Session: discussing scenario
  3. NRIs informal meeting prior to the main session in Geneva during the IGF
  4. Reflections to the NRIs Booth and Coordination Session
  5. AoB



 (in alphabetical order):

  1. Anja Gengo, IGF Secretariat
  2. Concettina Cassa, Italy IGF
  3. Djamaa Bouba, Cameroon IGF
  4. Élisson  Diones, Youth LACIGFl
  5. Grigori Saghyan, Armenia IGF
  6. Jennife Chung, APrIGF
  7. Judith Hellerstein, IGF-USA
  8. Lianna Galstyan, Armenia IGF; SEEDIG
  9. Makane Faye, Africa IGF
  10. Maria Luísa  Ferreira, Portugal IGF
  11. Marilyn Cade, IGF-USA; IGFSA
  12. Marjolijn Bonthusi, Netherlands IGF
  13. Mary  Uduma, Nigeria IGF; West Africa IGF
  14. Natasa Glavor, Croatia IGF
  15. Osvaldo Larancuent, Dominican Republic IGF
  16. Roberto Zambrana, Bolivia IGF
  17. Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG
  18. Sorina Teleanu, SEEDIG
  19. Stefano Trumpy, Italy IGF
  20. TIAN LUO, China IGF
  21. Zoraida Frias, Spain IGF




  • Annex A3.1: NRIs Main Session Scenario, available here
  • Annex A3.2: NRIs Main Session Presentation, available here


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