IGF 2023 Workshops

Below are the workshops selected for the IGF 2023 programme by the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAGat its Second Open Consultations and Meeting on 10-12 July 2023. 80 workshops were accepted out of a total of 398 proposals received (data on proposals available here).

The workshops are listed thematically, with programme sub-themes appearing from most to least populated. 

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
IGF 2023 WS #33 Ethical principles for the use of AI in cybersecurity
IGF 2023 WS #57 Lights, Camera, Deception? Sides of Deepfake & Generative AI
IGF 2023 WS #72 Defence against the DarkWeb Arts: Youth Perspective
IGF 2023 WS #220 Cybersecurity of Civilian Nuclear Infrastructure
IGF 2023 WS #225 Risks and opportunities of a new UN cybercrime treaty
IGF 2023 WS #339 Increasing routing security globally through cooperation
IGF 2023 WS #396 CSIRTs: A Global Dialogue with Cyber Incident Responders
IGF 2023 WS #403 Safe Digital Futures for Children: Aligning Global Agendas
IGF 2023 WS #421 Quantum-IoT-Infrastructure: Security for Cyberspace
IGF 2023 WS #446 Successes & challenges: cyber capacity building coordination
IGF 2023 WS #477 Framework to Develop Gender-responsive Cybersecurity Policy
IGF 2023 WS #516 Beyond North: Effects of weakening encryption policies
IGF 2023 WS #535 War crimes and gross human rights violations: e-evidence
IGF 2023 WS #559 Harnessing AI for Child Protection
AI & Emerging Technologies 
IGF 2023 WS #86 AI-driven Cyber Defense: Empowering Developing Nations
IGF 2023 WS #196 Evolving AI, evolving governance: from principles to action
IGF 2023 WS #217 Large Language Models on the Web: Anticipating the challenge
IGF 2023 WS #235 Leveraging AI to Support Gender Inclusivity
IGF 2023 WS #288 A Global Human Rights Approach to Responsible AI Governance
IGF 2023 WS #299 Community-driven Responsible AI: A New Social Contract
IGF 2023 WS #313 Generative AI systems facing UNESCO AI Ethics Recommendation
IGF 2023 WS #349 Searching for Standards: The Global Competition to Govern AI
IGF 2023 WS #409  AI and EDTs in Warfare: Ethics, Challenges, Trends
IGF 2023 WS #422 Exploring Blockchain's Potential for Responsible Digital ID
IGF 2023 WS #465 International multistakeholder cooperation for AI standards
IGF 2023 WS #469 AI & Child Rights: Implementing UNICEF Policy Guidance
IGF 2023 WS #495 Next-Gen Education: Harnessing Generative AI
Digital Divides & Inclusion
IGF 2023 WS #54 Equi-Tech-ity: Close the gap with digital health literacy 
IGF 2023 WS #95 Robot symbiosis cafe 
IGF 2023 WS #165 Beyond universality: the meaningful connectivity imperative 
IGF 2023 WS #198 All hands on deck to connect the next billions 
IGF 2023 WS #234 Overcoming the Global Digital Divide? The South-Based RIRs 
IGF 2023 WS #237 Online Linguistic Gender Stereotypes 
IGF 2023 WS #292 Revitalizing Universal Service Funds to Promote Inclusion 
IGF 2023 WS #297 Digital Inclusion Through a Multilingual Internet
IGF 2023 WS #311 Global Digital Value Chain: Africa’s Status and Way Forward 
IGF 2023 WS #350 Accessible e-learning experience for PWDs-Best Practices 
IGF 2023 WS #468 Broadband from Space! Can it close the Digital Divide? 
IGF 2023 WS #481 Barriers to Inclusion:Strategies for People with disability 
IGF 2023 WS #483 Future-Ready Education: Enhancing Accessibility & Building 
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
IGF 2023 WS #107 Stronger together: multistakeholder voices in cyberdiplomacy
IGF 2023 WS #149 VoD Regulation: Fair Contribution & Local Content
IGF 2023 WS #209 Viewing Disinformation from a Global Governance Perspective
IGF 2023 WS #279 Sandboxes for Data Governance: Global Responsible Innovation
IGF 2023 WS #317 African AI: Digital Public Goods for Inclusive Development
IGF 2023 WS #327 Advocacy to Action: Engaging Policymakers on Digital Rights
IGF 2023 WS #443 Taxing Tech Titans: Policy Options for the Global South
IGF 2023 WS #445 What is the nature of the internet? Different Approaches
IGF 2023 WS #476 Digital democracy and future realities
IGF 2023 WS #494 Strengthening Worker Autonomy in the Modern Workplace
Human Rights & Freedoms
IGF 2023 WS #64 Decolonise Digital Rights: For a Globally Inclusive Future
IGF 2023 WS #83 Assessing the Promise and Efficacy of Digital Health Tool
IGF 2023 WS #85 Internet Human Rights: Mapping the UDHR to Cyberspace
IGF 2023 WS #255 Digital Me: Being youth, women, and/or gender-diverse online
IGF 2023 WS #356 Encryption's Critical Role in Safeguarding Human Rights
IGF 2023 WS #386 Safeguarding the free flow of information amidst conflict
IGF 2023 WS #457 Balancing act: advocacy with big tech in restrictive regimes
IGF 2023 WS #460 Internet standards and human rights
IGF 2023 WS #501 Children’s digital rights: overcoming regional inequalities
Data Governance & Trust
IGF 2023 WS #62 Data Protection for Next Generation: Putting Children First
IGF 2023 WS #69 Manga Culture & Internet Governance-The Fight Against Piracy
IGF 2023 WS #224 Opportunities of Cross-Border Data Flow-DFFT for Development
IGF 2023 WS #307 Data Governance in Broadband Satellite Services
IGF 2023 WS #308 Public-Private Data Partnerships in the Global South
IGF 2023 WS #402 Current Developments in DNS Privacy
IGF 2023 WS #500 Connecting open code with policymakers to development
IGF 2023 WS #564 Beneath the Shadows: Private Surveillance in Public Spaces
Avoiding Internet Fragmention 
IGF 2023 WS #108 A Decade Later-Content creation, access to open information 
IGF 2023 WS #109 The Internet in 20 Years Time: Avoiding Fragmentation 
IGF 2023 WS #197 Operationalizing data free flow with trust
IGF 2023 WS #273 Can a layered policy approach stop Internet fragmentation? 
IGF 2023 WS #345 DigiSov: Regulation, Protectionism, and Fragmentation 
IGF 2023 WS #405 Internet Fragmentation: Perspectives & Collaboration 
IGF 2023 WS #496 Scramble for Internet: you snooze, you lose 
Sustainability & Environment 
IGF 2023 WS #21 Internet's Environmental Footprint: towards sustainability
IGF 2023 WS #49 Cooperation for a Green Digital Future
IGF 2023 WS #147 Green and digital transitions: towards a sustainable future
IGF 2023 WS #417 Youth-Driven Tech: Empowering Next-Gen Innovators
IGF 2023 WS #570 Climate change and Technology implementation