IGF 2023 Dynamic Coalitions

Below are the Dynamic Coalition sessions selected for the IGF 2023 programme.

The Dynamic Coalition sessions are listed thematically.

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety
IGF2023 4 How IS3C is going to make the Internet more secure and safer
IGF2023 11 Risk, opportunity and child safety in the age of AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Emerging Technologies
IGF2023 1 Robotics & the Medical Internet of Things (MIoT) 
IGF2023 5 Conversational AI in low income & resource settings
IGF2023 9 Progressing Global Good Practice for the Internet of Things
IGF2023 21 Implementation of the DAO Model Law:Challenges & Way Forward
IGF2023 30 A Maturity Model to Support Trust in Blockchain Solutions  
Digital Divides & Inclusion
IGF2023 3 Addressing the Challenges of a Unified SIDS Digital Platform
IGF2023 7 Internet for All To Livelihood for All
IGF2023 8 Advancing rights-based digital governance through ROAM-X
IGF2023 15 Community Networks: Digital Sovereignty and Sustainability
IGF2023 18 Re-envisioning DCAD for the Future
IGF2023 19 The Transformative Role of OER in Digital Inclusion
IGF2023 20 Disability, Gender, and Digital Self-Determination
IGF2023 31 Public access evolutions  lessons from the last 20 years
Global Digital Governance & Cooperation
IGF2023 10 Involving Schools of Internet Governance in achieving SDGs
IGF2023 13 Advancing Youth Participation in IG: results from case study
IGF2023 17 Closing the Governance Gaps: New Paradigms for a Safer DNS
Human Rights & Freedoms
IGF2023 22 Data, Access & Transparency: A Trifecta for Sustainable News
IGF2024 24 Human Rights Law and the Global Digital Compact
Data Governance & Trust
IGF2023 23 Can (generative) IA be compatible with Data Protection?
Avoiding Internet Fragmentation
IGF2023 14 (Un)Fair Share and Zero Rating: Who Pays for the Internet?
IGF2023 16 A new generation of platform regulations
IGF2023 25 Evolving Regulation and its impact on Core Internet Values