IGF 2023 – Day 2 – Lightning Talk #198 Chat with ITU: International Internet public policy issues

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>> Thank you.  We're just changing things up.  We are surprised.  I did a lightning session. 



>> Light relief.  Oh, yeah.  Yeah.  Might as well.  Come on.  You could have been at the general reception or another reception.

>> The Chinese reception.  Access Now reception.

>> Too many receptions.

Okay.  We're going to ‑‑ I'll use the microphone.  Then ‑‑ so good evening.  This is a lightning talk.  Which mean we don't talk too fast.  Reasonable speed.  On public consultations on the council.  I do working Internet group and public policy.  As you might know they have chair and vice chairs.  I've seen a colleague from Poland is the chair of the council working group.  He's remote.  He'll talk to us in a minute.  Pretham, who am of you know, does a marvelous job coordinating.  Over to Pretham first.

>> Now on?  Maybe the easy way to skip the slides take a poll.  I see even in the room that I know.  Adam, I've seen you after a while.  There's no one here who needs an introduction to the 158‑year‑old organisation and all of that.  I think we are safe.  You can skip.  I can't skip any slides.  Okay.  This slide is good.  This is Nigel.  It is all.  Maybe I'll give you some basic, all of you, you know, some basic logistical information.  The next council working group meeting is on Wednesday.  I expect to see at least many of you in Geneva at that meeting.  This time there's no open consultation.  It was the first one after PP.  Then from the following ones obviously we'll get into the cycle.  With that, I'll hand it over to Nigel.  One person that I need to introduce is the secretary of the group.  She will be the one who will be supporting throughout the four‑year cycle.  Yeah.  Thank you.  Thank you very much, indeed.  Pretham.  When he comes online, you can interpret us and say a few words.  The purpose of the evening was to perhaps talk to you about what the council working group can do in terms of open consultations.  Many of you will have opinion and haven't experienced some of these before.  It is worth saying, we think it is very ‑‑ indeed ‑‑ one the consultation is launched, that as many stakeholders as possible will take part in the consultation.  For two reasons.  One we think it is quite important when we come to the work of the council working group and we have an open session with the stakeholders that submitted views on the topic they can participate and talk about ‑‑ talk about things in ‑‑ to the direct governments that will be there.  Secondly because we think these issues are important not just important to have a discussion on, but they form some of the background material that the ITU consider for the different conversations.  We recognise, of course, the actual council working group is a closed council working group.  Most of the council working groups under the ITU has sector members as well that come along.  Next week, for example, ‑‑ this week the council working group is taking place.  Next week there's two pertinent into the work that we're doing here at the IGF.  On the Tuesday we have the WSIS and sustainability development goals council working group.  Which will consider a numb of issues that's open to stakeholders.  We'll consider a number on the WSIS plus 20 review process.  We'll look at the action lines.  The ITU is responsible for and we'll look forward to the WSIS forum which is taking place next May.  As many of you know it was being discussed and the review process.  The WSIS forum next April will have a substantive discussion on the WSIS plus 20 review process.  The Internet policy working group will take place on Wednesday.  At the meeting proposals will be considered for the next public open consult race.  As mentioned, we got out to the sequence.  We haven't had a public consultation since 20 ‑‑ before the plenary last year.  Their situation with COVID and other things.  We behind the curve in public consultants.  There's been a call for proposals for different subjects.  A number of proposals have been made by a whole range of different countries.  It is great to see a number of member states including Egypt and Morocco and other countries put together a project.  Hopefully one will be chosen and there will be a call for submiss or comment on the public consultation.  That will take place at the end of October.  Fairly soon.  The next council working group is taking place in January 2024.  Part of that will be the open consultation.  Will be half a day or two‑thirds of the day.  All of the people that put in proposal will be invited to take comments on their submissions.  We hope that will be a fairly open pro segue.  We can discuss some of thing.  He's here.  I'll introduce him and after he has said a few words.

>> Yes.  I can hear well.  Thank you.  Thank you very much Nigel.  Thank you for the presentation.  A warm welcome.  It is my real pleasure on here online.  But as the group on the Internet, I'm delighted to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you who joined us together in person or in the line.  The Internet as we all know has become an integral part of our live and shaping the way we communication, work, and govern ourselves.  We gather today addressing the public policies is key to building a safe digital ecosystem.  In this role, it’s to foster all meaning of the engagement from you.  In order to seek, it is members in the global and digital community.  In a few moments, we're happy to discuss the discussion.  We can give you more on to your question.  We're here to engage with you.  We thank you for coming to the group.  We are available for you to answer any questions.  Not only today, but also online and e‑mail and share what you know and what work the best.  I will not take your time right now.  The time is yours.  You can ask questions.  We'll be happy to provide answer.  Thank you very much.

>> All right.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Indeed for that.  I just wanted to clarify one thing and say something which is quite innovation.  I think what we would like to do in the term of the working down till is why doesn't the participation and the input into the open public regulations.  Not only can come to Geneva and not everyone can participant online.  What we're going to do as well is depending on the topic and what they think we have operation discussions at some of the topics.  The WSIS forum that's taking place in May and the idea of 2024 which is being hosted by Saudi Arabia.  It will reach a wider range of stakeholders.  It will widen the base.  Just to give you a flavour for some of the top ebbs that have taken place before.  It is on one of the slides.

The one before.  Thank you.  If you look at the previous topics.  Those are some of the issue that have been discussed before.  There's no harm.  Some government or some stakeholders might want one topics.  In the council working group next week we'll be looking at proposals such almost debate might and the WSIS process item.  There will be a number of issues under the discussion.  As I've said, those are the topics that we've had before.  That's really all we have to say.  It is a twofold message.  One) we want as many people to take part in the consultations.  Second) we're discussing public regulations this is the proposal you and I ‑‑ any question?  Comments?  Any objections?  Do you just want to go for a drink?  Marco, introduce yourself for the record, as they say.

>> Nigel told you.  First of all I would like to thank you for hosting.  The working group is member only.  That's also where my question leads to.  As much and I appreciate and like to highway from stakeholder, what I would like to ask you as vice chair or check if he's still online is how do you vision integrating?  With the broader discussions that are taking place alongside the same topics such as in the IGF and various other UN processes.  How do you see the bridge being built from the forum to all of the other discussions that we have?

>> Thank you.  Thank you very much, Marco.  Do you want to an that first?

>> Yes.  I could interview.  Thank you for the question.  We are here to build the bridge.  Thank you for the highlighting the proper.  We will take some loops.  For example, the one she bear for WSIS.  Anything you would like to present?

Pretel?  No.  No.  That's not defend we're with friends here.  The issue of whether all state member or just issues with member states.  It's been debated.

(captioning will end in five minutes).

>> They have stakeholders on the topics.  A lot of perfect in terms of openness and transparency.  We want to do the best that we can.  That's why we're reaching out in terms of the public consultation.

>> Michael.  Former member of the MAG.  All-purpose policy Wonk.  I work in Washington, D.C.

I learned in Washington you should never take the last question.  I think I maybe the last question.  The question is to whoever the three of you is brave enough to try to answer my question.  It's been a few months since the penitentiary ‑‑

>> One year.

>> Been exactly 12 months.  Are the new leaders going to change the emphasis and will they get really excited if they tackle certain issues?  Will the style change?  Is there going to be more urgency and less urgency?  Speculate on how your new bosses are going to shape this.  If none of you are brave enough to answer the last question.

>> You can always answer the last question.

>> I'm happy to share we have the secretary general with us, Thomas will definitely present his views and vision of corporation and discuss within the working group.  We as chairs we're in the hands of the administration and discussion.  It will follow the discretion and contributions made by administrations.  That's why we were today and tonight and what do you expect from us as the chair and vice?  If you would like to add anything to this, the floor is yours.

>> I think the chair said it.  It was a marvelous penitentiary.  We have new leadership.  We have a great discussion next week.  Rather than consultation topic.  We like the ITU work on the resolutions.  If I mentioned resolutions 101 and 102 and 133.  People would know what we were talking about.  With the nerdy group here.  I'm being rude now.  No I'm not.  They touch on Internet related issues.  They have a report on some of the discussions that have taken place under those issues.  We also probably if we have time the council working group next week we will reflect.  There's obviously important issues taking place in the overall community.  We'll hopefully be able to next.

>> Just curious how can we foster collaboration with some of the other discussions.  The rules are what they are.  They have the priorities and conversations.  If Brazil is hosting the G20.  That doesn't stop them from talking about it.  Any of the conversations that are happening, we can find a proxy that can bring the conversation.  Proxy is not the right word.  Someone that it bring the topic of conversation to the DWC.  It can be put out for open consultation.  These are the rules that we are working with.  I'm sure within the rule we can find close to an optimal conclusion.

>> Thank you very much.  Unless there's anything else ‑‑ those in Geneva, we look forward to seeing everyone.  Thank you to everyone that's some.  The governments that put forth the forevers.  We'll reply back.  Just put IGT in the title.