IGF 2021

IGF 2021 LogoThe 16th annual IGF meeting will be hosted by the Government of Poland in Katowice from 6-10 December, under the overarching theme: Internet United. On behalf of the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres, all stakeholders are invited to the 16th IGF. The IGF 2021 hybrid process, develops around the issue areas and features a preparatory and engagement phase which includes build-up sessions on the IGF 2021’s issue areas, development of the intersessional work as well as a series of capacity development activities. More information about the implementation of the hybrid format, as well as the draft IGF 2021 programme is available on the IGF website.

IGF 2021 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

Join HERE the Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, hosted in a hybrid format from the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, from 29 September to 1 October 2021.


DAY 1 ::: 29 September 2021



10:00 - 11:00

Opening of the meeting by UN DESA, IGF 2021 Host Country and MAG Chair 

Review and adoption of the agenda and Welcome from MAG Chair

11:00 - 13:00

1. Briefing on the State of Preparations from the IGF Secretariat and the Host Country

  • programme overview and hybrid nature 
  • outreach and engagement
  • capacity development
  • project evaluation 

Followed by discussion 

13:00 - 15:00


13:55 - 15:00 IGF Donors Meeting

15:00 - 15:30

2. Launch of new IGF website 

15:30 - 16:45

3. Updates from IGF intersessional activities and NRIs followed by a discussion on how to strengthen these

16:45 - 18:00

4. Briefings from Other Related/Relevant Initiatives or Organizations followed by Q&A




DAY 2 ::: 30 September 2021
MAG Meeting



10:00 - 10:30

Opening of the meeting by the MAG Chair 

Review and adoption of the agenda

10:30 - 11:30

1. Briefing on state of preparations for the 16th IGF, including plans for:

  • High Level Leaders Sessions
  • Parliamentary Sessions
  • Opening and Closing Sessions

11:30 - 13:00

2. Implementation of the IGF 2021 preparatory and engagement phase

Overview and ways of feeding outputs into the 16th IGF

13:00 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:30

3. Hybrid 16th IGF: implementation logistics and engagement of session organizers, programme for newcomers, youth and final meeting outputs

16:30 - 17:30

4. Updates from MAG Working Groups

  • Working Group on Hybrid Meetings (WG-Hybrid)
  • Working Group on IGF Strategy (WG-Strategy)
  • Working Group on Outreach, Engagement and Communications Strategy (WG-OEC)

17:30 - 18:00

5. Preparing for the next day and conclusion



DAY 3 ::: 1 October 2021
MAG Meeting



10:00 - 10:30

Welcome by the MAG Chair
Review and adoption of the agenda

10:30 - 13:00

1. Planning the IGF 2021 main sessions

  • Overall guidelines and scheduling
  • Presentation of proposals by the main session groups 

Followed by discussion

13:00 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:00

2. IGF 2021 main sessions

  • Capturing outputs 
  • Next steps

16:00 - 17:30

3. IGF 2021 intersessional work and NRIs at the 16th IGF

  • Session proposals of BPFs, PNs, DCs and NRIs
  • Capturing outputs
  • Next steps

17:30 - 18:00

4. AOB, next steps and closing of the meeting 


Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Stakeholder Group: Government
Given Name Family Name Delegation
María Gabriela Mattausch Argentina
Alain BAGENI Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Alain Kompany Kameka Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Claver Mula Lila Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Mardochée Souleyman Onehese Lunga Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Françoise Seka Buhoro Bahati Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Jorge Cancio Switzerland
Livia Walpen Switzerland
Alice Weiss Switzerland
Anja Becky Germany
Manal Ismail Egypt
Nigel Hickson United Kingdom
Sebastian Kay United Kingdom
Samuel Bryan Buabeng Ghana
Concettina Cassa Italy
Alisa Heaver Netherlands
Milan Raj Nepali Nepal
Krzysztof Szubert Poland
Przemyslaw Typiak Poland
Alaa Ali Sudan
Mustafa Yaasin SHEIK Somalia
Unguec Stephen Kang Ilario South Sudan
Susan Chalmers United States
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
Given Name Family Name Organization
MATIAS MAVINGA Acção de solidariedade em Angola ( Ascol-Angola)
FRANCISCO MOLERO Acção de solidariedade em Angola ( Ascol-Angola)
Gerald Myers-Biney Africa Center for Development Practice and Global Engagement
Faruq Faisel Article 19
Valeria Betancourt Association for Progressive Communications
Karen BANKS Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
Paula Martins Association for Progressive Communications - APC
Rahman AHM Bazlur Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC)
Benjamin Kofi Dzivenu Tsikata Ben Newman Hope Care Foundation
Shreya Tewari Berkman Klein Center
Joseph-Désiré ISOMOSEMBE YAMOA Bureau pour la Croissance Intégrale et la Dignité de l'Enfant
Papalo Lokula Iyombola Bureau pour la Croissance Intégrale et la Dignité de l'Enfant
Adolphe Tungilu Luwawa Bureau pour la Croissance Intégrale et la Dignité de l'Enfant
Lavodie Tungilu Nzenza Bureau pour la Croissance Intégrale et la Dignité de l'Enfant
Amrita Choudhury CCAOI
Roman Chukov Center for Global IT-Cooperation
William Drake Columbia University
Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi Digital Grassroots
Tereza Horejsova Diplo
Velimira Nemiguentcheva Grau European Commission
Juliana Harsianti Global Voices
Raquel Gatto IDD LAC
Hajiyeva Zhala IGF Azerbaijan
Markus Kummer IGFSA
Sorina Teleanu Independent
Gunela Astbrink Internet Society Accessibility Special Interest Group
Yaovi Apla ISOC TOGO
Falagbene Namboure ISOC TOGO
Alexei Marciuc MIGF
Gedeon Hahasiah NSIKOUENDILA MATONDO Mouvement Républicain Fédération France
Gleb K opendata.by
Arsene Tungali Rudi International
Shaibu Niendow Abukari SEDARVP GHANA
Amirhossein Mokabberi Tehran University
Edda Giuberti Tripla Difesa Onlus Global Internazional No Violence
Rachel Hulvey University of Pennsylvania
Laure Patience Nouga Village Suisse ONG
Musa Bangura World Youth Union Sierra Leone
Peterking Quaye Youth Ambassador - Youth IGF
Eileen Cejas Youth SIG & Youth Coalition on Internet Governance
Stakeholder Group: Intergovernmental Organization
Given Name Family Name Organization
Giacomo Mazzone AUB member of WBU - World Broadcasting Unions
Wim Degezelle Consultant IGF Secretariat / Best Practice Forums
Alderik Oosthoek European Parliament
Anja Gengo IGF Secretariat
Emilia Okarma Młodzieżowe Stowarzyszenie Liderów/ Youth Leaders Association
Juwang Zhu UN
WaiMin Kwok UN DESA
Deniz Susar UNDESA
Stakeholder Group: Private Sector
Given Name Family Name Organization
Kayode Oyeyemi AfICTA-Africa ICT Alliance
Susan Payne Com Laude Group
Amali De Silva-Mitchell Coordinator Dynamic Coalition Data Driven Health Technologies
Stefanie Ros Dr2 Consultants
Khaled Koubaa Facebook
Md. Mahedi Hasan Fiber @ Home Limited
Muhammad Farooq Khan High Rank Technologies Private Limited
Hordyński Ryszard Huawei Poland
Timea Suto ICC BASIS
June Parris Internet Society
J Amado Espinosa L Medisist
Ben Wallis Microsoft
Desiree Miloshevic Evans Name.com
Moamin Hamad network broadcast solution (NBS)
Prince Andrew Livingstone Zutah Palz Technologies
Khaled Aly Private Telecom / ICT Business and Engineering Consultant
Jennifer Schuck Quicktext
Mary Rose Ofianga Ridge to Reef Environmental Consultancy, Inc.
Youssef Benzekri Salconst
Jim Prendergast The Galway Strategy Group
Nikolis Smith Verisign
Stakeholder Group: Technical Community
Given Name Family Name Organization
Joyce Chen APNIC
A Wylde Cardiff University
Flavio Wagner CGI.br
Peter Koch DENIC eG & ISOC.DE e.V.
Fredrik Hansen Digital Companion
Shah Zahidur Rahman Eyhost Ltd
Vera Major ICANN
Adam Peake ICANN
Maciej Groń NASK
Vinicius W. O. Santos NIC.br / CGI.br
Bruna Toso de Alcântara NIC.br/CGI.br
Rowena Schoo Nominet
German Valdez Number Resource Organization
Chris Buckridge RIPE NCC
Fred Kwadwo Aazore Zenith Bank Ghana Limited

More on IGF 2021 Preparations...

Call for Nominations for the ‎IGF 2022 MAG is ‎open until 10 September 2021.

Registration for IGF 2021 is OPEN. All participants are required to register, regardless if participating online or onsite. The list of already registered participants is available.

Visit the IGF 2021 Host Country website for more information about the 16th IGF logistics such as the venue, accomodation, visas, public transportation and coronavirus travel information.

parliamentary track will be held in the context of IGF 2021 under the theme Legislative approaches for a user-centric digital space. The track will include online preparatory sessions, between September and November, and parliamentary events on 7 and 8 December.

high level leaders track has been developed with the Government of Poland.

The list of accepted IGF 2021 workshops is available. Lists of all other accepted sessions are also available.

IGF 2021 Call for Travel Support open until 31 August.

IGF 2021 Music Night will be on 8 December.

Second IGF 2021 Open Consultations and MAG Meetinghosted online on 22, 23 and 30 June.

Dynamic Coalitions (DC) public survey to collect input from the IGF community on how they see DCs and their contributions to IGF processes open until 25 July.

''Our Digital Future'' - capacity development workshop series focused on digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Stakeholders can apply to host a networking session at the IGF 2021.

List of received IGF 2021 session proposals

The IGF Secretariat/UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) and the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology kindly invite all stakeholders to join the briefing update on the proposed approach for implementation of the IGF Multistakeholder High-level Body (MHLB) on 14 June at 13:00 UTC.

IGF 2021 Call for Session Proposals was open until 26 May, inviting all stakeholders to consider applying for the type(s) of session that best fit their interests. Please note that IGF 2021 will have a hybrid format, so you can apply for a session even if at the moment you do not plan to be present onsite in Katowice.

Applications for the IGF 2021 Village Booths are open. Deadline to apply is 1 July.

Stakeholders can register their IGF 2021 Remote HubsDeadline to apply is 20 September.

The MAG identified main focus areas and is working on developing concrete IGF 2021 (sub)themes. The IGF 2021 Guide to Issues and Policy Questions is also available.

Summary of inputs received in a response to the consultations on para 93(a) of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation.

Call for NRIs to apply for financial grants open until 15 March.

The IGF 2021 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting were hosted on 2223 and 24 February 2021.

Summary Report from Consultations on para 93(a) of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation hosted during the First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting.

Consultations on para 93(a) of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. List of inputs received.

MAG Virtual Meeting III Open to All Stakeholders 9 Feb 13:00 UTC.

Launch of a new intersessional work activity: Policy Network on Environment and Digitalisation (PNE)

IGF 2021 Call for Thematic Inputs closed on 31 January. The list of received inputs and an analysis are available.

Call to Take Stock of IGF 2020 and Suggest Improvements for IGF 2021 was open until 20 January. The synthesis output document is available.

MAG 2021 Appointed to plan the 16th Annual IGF Meeting.

The IGF 2020 Outputs and Infographics are available.

Contact Information

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Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Villa Le Bocage
Palais des Nations,
CH-1211 Geneva 10

igf [at] un [dot] org
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