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IGF 2020 MAG Virtual Meeting III

Hosted by IGF Secretariat

Input Documents/Links:


IGF 2020 Timeline (last update: 12 February)

​Proposed narratives from the MAG WG on four themes:

  1. Data: proposed narrative (facilitators: Chenai Chair; Maria Paz Canales)
  2. Inclusion: proposed narrative (facilitators: Paul Rowney; Roberto Zambrana; Mary Uduma; Arsene Tungali; Maria Paz Canales)
  3. Trust: proposed narrative (facilitators: Ben Wallis; Sylvia Cadena)
  4. Environment: proposed narrative (facilitators: June Parris; Timea Suto; Karim Attoumani Mohamed)

​Draft Design of the Call for Workshops:

  1. IGF 2020 Call for Workshops 
  2. IGF 2020 Themes
  3. Workshop submission form 
  4. Workshop review process 
  5. Workshop manual 

MAG Working Groups:

  1. Taskforce on Language: Working suggestions; Terms of Reference


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