Chen, Joyce

Joyce Chen is APNIC’s Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagement. She is responsible for managing key ‎relationships with stakeholders such as governments, intergovernmental organisations, and the ‎wider Asia Pacific Internet community. Joyce is also involved in expanding APNIC’s capacity ‎development and outreach efforts. ‎

Joyce is active in public policy discussions at the local, regional, and global platforms. She is ‎passionate about Internet access and development, as well as finding opportunities for ‎interdisciplinary cooperation and partnerships. ‎

Joyce was appointed by the UN Secretary-General to be a member of the 2021 Multistakeholder ‎Advisory Group (MAG) with the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). She serves on the IGF Support ‎Association (IGFSA) Executive Committee. She is a member of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet ‎Governance Forum (APrIGF) Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG), the Global Forum on Cyber ‎Expertise (GFCE), and APAC Cyber Policy Network (APCEN).‎

Prior to APNIC, Joyce worked in ICANN as the Senior Manager (APAC) for Global Stakeholder ‎Engagement. Her engagement work with the multistakeholder APAC community helped to further ‎the global cause of ensuring an interoperable, secure, and stable Internet. ‎

A former young diplomat, Joyce handled the ASEAN portfolio while in Singapore’s Ministry of ‎Foreign Affairs. She graduated with a Bachelor of Honours in Sociology. ‎