IGF 2020 Village Booth #22 or zoom


We are a program based specifically in Haiti, we do popularization work and online dissemination on topics related to Internet governance, the Internet and technology. Since 2018, or zoom has set itself the goal of including everyone, without gender discrimination, in matters relating to Internet governance. And we also train people on how to use new technologies and how they should behave in the digital environment.

Meet our team

Different skills and qualifications for a common goal
Last name First Name Fonction
OCCELENT Roland President
LOUIS Mifleur Vice President
JEAN Marlie Sarafina Communication manager
MATHURIN Halldwin K. Brown Graphist
TELLUS Wood Guerlin Redactor
MOHAMMAD Atif Aleem Logistic manager

Therefore, it is necessary to share with the whole world the experiences that we have had and the work that we have accomplished. We intend to share in the village our work on digital inclusion and to raise awareness of the importance of initiatives aimed at including everyone in the digital ecosystem so as to have an open, free, trustworthy and accessible Internet to all.

Through our capsules we will present our work on a flat screen, we will also have posters that we will give to people so that they can get an idea of ​​the situation of Haiti in terms of digital inclusion and how they can help us to help have a higher impact, we will also give stickers with the or zoom logo as well as stickers with awareness messages.