IGF 2020 Village Booth #5
Internet Society of China


Internet Society of China (ISC) was inaugurated on 25th May, 2001. ISC was initiatively founded by more than 70 sponsors, which include network access carriers, ISPs, facility manufacturers and research institutes etc. The current President is Mr. Bing SHANG, the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The office of ISC is located in Beijing.

ISC has more than 1200 members which are legal companies, research institutes, academic associations, universities and other organizations engaged in various activities related with Internet.

The main mission of ISC is to promote development of Internet in China and make efforts to construct an advanced information society. ISC is expected to be a link among the community to make efforts benefiting the whole industry, to push forward industry self-discipline, to strengthen communication and cooperation between its members, to protect Internet user's rights, to assist and provide support for policies making, and to promote Internet application and public awareness.