IGF 2020 Village Booth #61 D&D International - Digital Democracy


Our mission

Democracia Digital’s mission is to promote the responsible use of the Internet in Peru, showing the benefits that citizens can obtain in different areas of society. Our work extends to other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our lines of action in Peru and LAC region 

Digital Democracy promotes the following lines of action:

  • Digital Democracy National Award. Since 2014 it recognizes those digital practices that prioritize the demands and needs of citizens, annually. https://www.democraciadigital.pe/premio
  • Digital Democracy National Observatory. An online platform that systematizes and geolocates almost 500 online proposals that have participated in the Award since its first edition. https://www.democraciadigital.pe/observatorio/
  • Digital Democracy National Summit. Summons the technical community, specialists, politicians and public officials to build together a digital agenda in the country. https://www.democraciadigital.pe/encuentro/
  • Dialogues in Lima and regions. They are spaces for analysis with an outstanding panel of experts, who address current issues in the Internet field.
  • Forums and Specialized Seminars. Aimed at specific audiences in order to deepen concepts and knowledge related to the digital ecosystem.
  • Innovation and Openness in Public Policies (InnovApp). It works hand in hand with public administrations, mostly local and regional governments, to promote transparency and collaboration with citizens.
  • Digital Policy Papers (DPP). It is the line of research and analysis on digital issues.
  • Internet Governance Forum (IGF). An activity dedicated to ensuring the development and evolution of the Internet. We are co-organizers of IGF Peru.
  • Hackathons, Challenges and TechCamps. Hand in hand with other actors, the creation of tools and technological solutions is promoted to meet the needs of the country.
  • Women Tech Leaders. A community to strengthen female leadership and empowerment. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WomenTechLeaders/
  • YouthTalks. They are youth spaces for young people dedicated to addressing issues of national interest linked to the world of the Internet and technology.
  • Podcasts. A new format for the analysis and debate on the main digital issues on the national and international agenda.
  • Publications. In the recent years we published different articles and books related to Digital Democracy, Misinformation, Fake News, Covid-19, Digital Cooperation, among others. https://issuu.com/democracia_digital/docs/libro_democracia_digital_vf


Our social media

Website: https://www.democraciadigital.pe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddintorg/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ddintorg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ddintorg/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBtokeBHOVoVqiSVxmAgivA

WhatsApp: +51 994143783