IGF 2020 Village Booth #65
ePaństwo Foundation


ePaństwo Foundation - Open Data, technology, democracy and civic engagement.

ePaństwo Foundation - We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic tech organization supporting democracy development through promoting government transparency, accountability and citizen engagement. We work with ordinary people, activists, NGOs and public authorities by providing them with practical tools and exploring transparency issues meaningful to their work.

We would like to share some of our projects (examples below)but also give a space for our partners from the international networks we are leading: Transparencee Network - civic tech activists from CEE countries (transparencee.org). TransparenCEE – A community of NGO, IT, civic tech and media organizations that create a space for exchange of ideas and best practices and new collaborations between like-minded stakeholders across borders and sectors. We’ve already reached to over 70 civic tech organizations working on over 80 products (inc. creating and scaling tools red-flagging irregularities in public procurement) and we keep expanding this group.


Code for All Network - the largest organized civic tech community in the world (codeforall.org/). An international network of civic tech organizations that drive change through digital technology, citizen participation, collaborative decision-making and good governance to deliver solutions for social challenges while improving the relationship between governments and citizens. CfA enables organizations to scale by leveraging international resources, sharing expertise and promoting shared funding to tackle social issues collectively. Diversity allows for more and different approaches and solutions, while motivating alternative and modern methods for government.

Project list (examples):

alGOVrithms. This is a project in which we research the state of play of Automated Decision Making in CEE, we deliver policy documents (Algorithmic Impact Assessments, Public Procurement ADM standards https://epf.org.pl/en/projects/algovrithms/

PDF CEE in an annual conference on how technology is changing politics, government and civic life. It gathers members of NGOs, activists, public administration officers and journalists from more than 50 countries. People from the CEE region (EU and non-EU countries) and beyond meet here, share their experiences and connect with experts and practitioners from all over the world. For more visit https://pdfcee.pl/en/

RECORD project Open source tool to support legal and practical measures and advocacy to combat corruption, coordinated by 5 NGOs from Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain. We will develop a series of recommendations for local and national govern. and for the EU on the legal framework for public procurement, beneficial ownership, access to info., monitoring of EU funds, and protection of whistleblowers. For more visit https://tenders.guru/