IGF 2021 Day 0 Event #125 Technology at Service of Ecosystem Restoration: How AI can Support Restoring and Protecting Natural Ecosystems Around the Globe.

Monday, 6th December, 2021 (14:15 UTC) - Monday, 6th December, 2021 (15:15 UTC)
Hall A2

Mr Alexandre Caldas, Chief of Country Outreach, Technology and Innovation Branch in the Science Division, UN Environment (Portugal)

Mr Scott Mauvais, AI and Global Partnerships, Microsoft Philanthropies (USA)

Mr Nick Wise, CEO of OceanMind (UK)

Mr Carlos Souza, Imazon (Brazil)

Ms Cathy Robinson, CSIRO (Australia)

Mr Justin PerryNAILSMA - North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (Australia)


Online Moderator

Maria Andrzejewska


Weronika Kuna


Case study presentation & Panel discussion


The United Nations have proclaimed the years 2021-2030 to be the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. As declared by the UN agencies in charge of this initiative, namely: UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the better the condition of the Earth’s ecosystems, the healthier the whole planet and its human inhabitants. Improvement of the state of the ecosystems is central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those pertaining to ending poverty, combatting the climate crisis, or halting the still continuing massive loss of biodiversity. Modern advanced technologies are today an important part of the solution and should be integrated in plans for the upcoming UN decade. We would like to invite scientist, tech industry, environment activists and governmental bodies to discuss how cloud computing and AI bring value to the matter.