IGF 2021 Day 0 Event #90 AI in the public service: combating disinformation and fighting with the pandemic.

Monday, 6th December, 2021 (15:30 UTC) - Monday, 6th December, 2021 (16:30 UTC)
Conference Room 3

Centre for International Relations



1. Dalia Bankauskaitė (Lithuania) - academic lecturer, CEPA expert (American think tank dealing with combating disinformation);

2. Jarosław Pacewicz (Poland) - Digitalization Officer, Siemens Poland

3. Dobromir Ciaś (Poland) - founder and CEO of Edge NPD (a Polish company that uses AI algorithms to combat disinformation, working, among others, for the EU and the American police).

4. Edward Strasser (Austria) - co-founder and president of Innovation in Politics Institute

Moderator: Małgorzata Bonikowska, PhD - President of the Center for International Relations Foundation

Onsite Moderator
Małgorzata Bonikowska, PhD - President of the Center for International Relations Foundation

A 60-minutes debate


• The aim of the debate is to present how solutions based on the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and big data analysis help counteract key challenges of our time, such as cybersecurity, fighting the pandemic or combating disinformation combined with building media literacy among the citizens.

• The subject and scope of the debate results from several years of cooperation between the Center for International Relations and its partners as part of international projects implemented in Poland and EU countries (especially the Visegrad Group and other Three Seas countries) as well as the activities of the Observatory for the Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence - run by the THINKTANK center and its partners .

• The composition of speakers proposed in the debate is the result of several years of contacts between Centre for International Relations and THINKTANK with foreign partners from the region - representatives of non-governmental organizations, think tanks, academia and business. Thanks to the cooperation with the Institute of Political Innovation in Vienna, we also have examples of solutions used in public policies in various EU countries based on AI.

• The reason for the subject of the debate is the apparent increase in interest in solutions based on Artificial Intelligence in Poland and other countries in the region. In December 2020, Centre for International Relations, together with ASPEN CEE in Prague published an analysis comparing Poland and the Czech Republic in this regard (as part of a project financed by the Polish-Czech forum). In 2020, THINKTANK published THINK-BOOK "Artificial Intelligence in 2025" and a report on the applications of artificial intelligence in the public sector in Poland. The reports describe, inter alia, solutions in the health sector and in the area of ​​combating disinformation.

• The broader context of the debate is the fact that Central and Eastern Europe has a great opportunity to use AI for its civilization and material advancement, but it should do it wisely so as not to cause negative social consequences. Public policies should act as a buffer in this process, but they need good analysis and recommendations.

The participants, both online and on-site, will have the possibility to ask questions to the speakers and comment the debate.