IGF 2021 Main Session Policy Network on Meaningful Access

Wednesday, 8th December, 2021 (12:50 UTC) - Wednesday, 8th December, 2021 (14:20 UTC)
Plenary Room

About the session

This is a main session organized to showcase and discuss the Policy Network on Meaningful Access.

Given the state of affordable and meaningful connectivity across rural areas in all global south regions, explore how complementary/alternative provider models can address the existing gaps; and what policy and regulation needs to be in place to support expansion of access to those areas and communities

To ensure a working digital ecosystem, including one where alternative business models are possible, what are the digital and technical capacities required at the community level to sustain networks, services and a thriving ICT ecosystem in rural/marginalized areas.

A closer look at content development and how local content is critical to sustain communities and stimulate demand; focusing on cases where there are good practices with local content development, including in local languages.

Therefore, the PNMA's Multistakeholder Working Group has agreed on the following Statement of Purpose:

"We have come a long way with local, national and global efforts towards universal connectivity and meaningful access, from a wide number of organizations across all stakeholder groups. However, the implementation of policies around meaningful access remains challenging.

Therefore, the PNMA MWG has decided not to concentrate its work on mapping or definition tracks since it is already covered in other fora. We will build on those work from a number of current and past efforts. The MWG agreed to explore concrete actions the members of the PNMA could support so that the main outcome of the PNMA is not only a set of recommendations."

Key policy questions:

"How to improve use and quality of connectivity"

"What is the impact of connectivity"

Session Agenda

Co-Moderation by the PNMA MWG Co-Chairs: Mrs. Sonia Jorge and Mrs. Sylvia Cadena


PART 1 - Setting the scene

  • About the PNMA's work in 2021 (5min)

Mrs. Sonia Jorge, PNMA Co-Chair

  • Keynote 1: From policy recommendation to policy implementation (10 Min)

Mrs. Anriette Esterhuysen, IGF MAG Chair

  • Keynote 2: UNESCO's ROAM-X Framework (10 min)

Mrs. Marielza Oliveira, Director, UNESCO

PART 2 - Discussions (50  min)

Dialogue 1 - Connectivity: overview & findings (10min)

Carlos Rey-Moreno, Co-lead Local Networks: Policy and Strategy, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

Jane Coffin, Independent Expert

Dialogue 2 - Digital Inclusion: overview & findings (10min)

Roberto Zambrana, MAG member

Nnenna Nwakanma, Chief Web Advocate, WebFoundation

Dialogue 3 - Capacity Development: overview & findings (10min)

Michuki Mwangi, Senior Director, Internet Technology and Development, Internet Society

Dr. Margaret Nyambura Ndung'u, Senior IG Expert, Technical Assistance to PRIDA

Q&A - Bringing all together (20min)

PART 3 - Looking ahead (10 min)

Juwang Zhu, Director of the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government/DESA


Moderator 1: Sylvia Cadena, Head of Programs, APNIC Foundation

Moderator 2: Sonia Jorge, Executive Director, Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) - Web Foundation

MAG Liaison: Carlos A. Afonso

MAG Liaison: Giacomo Mazzone

MAG Liaison: Karim Attoumani Mohamed

MAG Liaison: Roberto Zambrana    

PNMA Facilitator: Raquel Gatto