IGF 2021 Networking #36 IGFSA General Assembly

Friday, 10th December, 2021 (11:45 UTC) - Friday, 10th December, 2021 (12:45 UTC)
Conference Room 7

IGF Support Associations (IGFSA)
Markus Kummer, IGFSA Chair Jennifer Chung, IGFSA Secretary


The main speakers are the members of the IGFSA Executive Committee, representing stakeholders from all regions: https://igfsa.org/about-igfsa/#excoCommittee

Onsite Moderator

Markus Kummer (IGFSA Chair)

Online Moderator

Jennifer Chung (IGFSA Secretary)


Jimson Olufuye (IGFSA Treasurer)


The format is a traditional general assembly, that follows an agenda which is based on the Associations by-laws: https://igfsa.org/articles-of-association-of-internet-governance-forum-support-association/ The main objective is to fulfill the statutory obligations. One agenda item will be to elect a new member of the Executive Committee.

Duration (minutes)



Traditionally, IGFSA holds its General Assembly during the annual IGF meeting. It is IGFSA's annual general meeting and opportunity for its members to catch up and the exchange views how best to further the objectives of the Association. It is also an opportunity to recruit new members. Anyone who is interested in the Association's objectives is welcome to attend the meeting.

All participants, whether IGFSA members or not, are encouraged to ask for the floor and comment on each agenda item. The agenda and supporting documents (budget, annual report etc) will be made available well ahead of the meeting. Only IGFSA members who are in good standing, that is members who have paid their annual membership dues, are allowed to vote and stand for election.