IGF 2021 WS #217
Nobody Left Behind – A Continued Discussion On CCB

Organizer 1: Caroline Groene, Microsoft
Organizer 2: Rozentale Liga, Microsoft

Speaker 1: Latha Reddy, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Folake Olagunju, Government, African Group
Speaker 3: Bart Hogeveen, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Rozentale Liga, Private Sector, Eastern European Group

Online Moderator

Caroline Groene, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Caroline Groene, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Round Table - Circle - 60 Min

Policy Question(s)

Practical locally-driven policy solutions: What lessons can be drawn (and how) from successful policy solutions to universal access and meaningful connectivity around the world, while taking into account local specificities and needs? In particular, what are the relevant practices implemented by local actors (local government, civil society, local providers and entrepreneurs) to advance universal and meaningful access?

The rapid speed of digitalization does not only take place in industrial countries but also less developed regions. The latter, however, often lack appropriate infrastructure and digital skills to address those needs. Despite an increased international recognition of the importance of cyber capacity building, there is a high risk of duplication of initiatives due to the lack of exchange and communication on existing projects - as acknowledged in recent GFCE meetings. Realizing the importance of regional collaborative efforts to address this gap, the Internet Governance Forum has served as a cross-sector communication and knowledge exchange regarding existing efforts and best practices as well as their applicability to other regions in last year's conference. This discussion has received very positive responses and thus requests for a continuation. Hence the Forum is the ideal platform to further engage on these issues and take current developments such as the current pandemic into account. This interregional workshop series enables important actors from less developed regions who are usually under-represented, to take part in these important discussions.


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Targets: Capacity building, especially in the digital context, is a cornerstone of this SDG to achieve resilient infrastructure and sustainable innovation in less developed regions.


In a globally connected world where vulnerabilities in one country create risks for others, building capacities and confidence across the world is crucial. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only underscored those needs. Lacking connectivity and digital skills are often linked to economic and social inequalities and predominant in less developed regions. The rapid acceleration of digitalization processes over the past 12 months, however, has left behind regions that have not been well on their way to digital transformation. Particularly for the recovery of the crisis this will be crucial. Despite international organizations recognizing these gaps and the existence of an increasing number of incentives, few lessons learned, and best practices are shared globally. Furthermore, the often-lacking sustainability of measures poses a risk to long-term capacity building.
This workshop aims at building up on last year’s session during IGF 2020 and take latest developments into account. Together with stakeholders from developing regions this workshop further identifies best practices of cyber capacity building initiatives, particularly in the pandemic’s context, and the support needed from external stakeholders. Next to the regions represented in 2020, additional speakers will be included to expand the discussion. This workshop will be mindful to not duplicate those previous efforts, but rather to build on them. Participants will present from their regional perspective where their interests lie and what challenges they face. Subsequently potential links between regions, their applicability as well as logical partners for such measures can be identified.

Expected Outcomes

This workshop brings added value to the discussion started last year. The same speakers are invited to produce an accurate reflection on the developments since then and discuss ways forward. Furthermore, an additional region will be included to further diversify perspectives and advance the overall discussion. The workshop flow will range from discussing interests and experiences, recognizing common best practices to the role of industry and other relevant stakeholders in CCB. We want participants in our workshops to exchange their lessons learned and best practices, and to suggest actionable steps on how to transfer those practices to other regions and define contributions from external actors.
Based on this preliminary analysis, further discussions on interregional cooperation can be continued in different fora at regional and international level, e.g. Paris Peace Forum, IGF regional events, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise.

This workshop will have a hybrid format to both allow for direct interaction with the audience present in Katowice but also include voices from different parts of the world who can only join online. An online as well as on-site moderate will facilitate the discussion.

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