IGF 2021 WS #224 Communication of waste management on the Internet

Organizer 1: Government, African Group
Organizer 2: Government, African Group

Speaker 1: FRANCINE MUNGURIEK ANENO, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Fabrice Muyembe, Government, African Group
Speaker 3: Claude Luzualu, Government, African Group


Break-out Group Discussions - Round Tables - 60 Min

Policy Question(s)

Environmental education: How can policymakers leverage the Internet and Internet governance processes for expanding and strengthening environmental education? Should computer science curricula, Internet governance capacity development and digital literacy programmes include awareness of environmental sustainability?

Environmental sustainability and climate change is a concept that has a very important place in ‎environmental education that encourages sustainable lifestyles support for policies in favor of ‎the environment and environmental activities.‎



Targets: Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning.‎

The management of industrial waste or managers is an important area in the interactions ‎between human and environmental activity; it includes collection, trading and brokerage, ‎transport, treatment, reuse or the elimination of waste usually those resulting from activities. It ‎is at this level that governments must realize that among the categories of waste we are talking ‎about, it is industrial and household waste that good governance between the main actors at the ‎political level of civil society and the private sectors because that the vast majority of countries ‎have made waste treatment a priority while the governments of developing countries have yet to ‎seek the mobilization of financial resources, but this situation may become difficult because we ‎must put in place in their countries respective process of waste management because the Impact ‎would risk weighing on their govt. ernance in the future, thus raising awareness on the basis of ‎the internet with the support of the government to set up access to the internet on the wifi ‎network throughout the republic, starting with the university site.

Expected Outcomes

Here governments must and are obliged to use the internet this is the reason for existing today ‎in the DRC the presence in each ministry the direction of the dantic (documentation, archives ‎and new information technology) but together with governments, civil society and private ‎sectors can play an important (major) role with the internet in transforming towards ‎environmentally more sustainable societies and avoiding the natural disasters experienced by ‎the world today where the planet can be stable . the government with the new RAM system seeks ‎to bring each Congolese up to date by establishing the wifi network in every corner of the ‎country to pass the messages of waste management through social networks within the reach of ‎all.‎

The diversity of languages to have a large number of participants and to know how to dispatcher ‎the words in an orderly manner. It will take good communication coordination between speakers ‎and participants and knowing how to time the intervention by setting the number of minutes per ‎speaker in order to allow everyone to intervene.‎

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