IGF 2023 Policy Network on Meaningful Access

In 2022, the Policy Network on Meaningful Access and its Multistakeholder Working Group of Experts (PNMA MWG) agreed on three overarching thematic workstreams:

  • Connectivity (infrastructure and business models, analysed within the framework of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation)
  • Digital Inclusion (accessibility and multilingualism), with special attention to local contents in local languages, helping the digital transition of existing experiences
  • Capacity Development (technical skills training)

During the last year’s intersessional activities, the policy network has actively contributed within and outside IGF communities to identify a certain number of good practices and policy solutions, and retain them as possible models to be exported or applied to other regions of the world. Stakeholders from different groups joined this enterprise: government, international organisations, academia, private actors, non-profits. The PNMA 2022 Output Report features a collation of selected cases for each of the focus areas. Additionally, one section of the document is devoted to recommendations around meaningful access and its expansion.

The PNMA will continue to develop this experience in 2023, assisting with the implementation of solutions for the issues previously raised. Its community wishes to open a multistakeholder public debate under the above referred focus areas to influence policy change and the upcoming Global Digital Compact, in addition to the WSIS+20 and IGF+20 processes.

The 2023 Work Plan details this process and the incremental efforts to ensure meaningful access. As one of the envisioned products for this year, beyond the Output Report, the PNMA inaugurated its Repository of Good Practices, which collates recommended cases presented to the Policy Network during each annual plan. This is a permanent database and new experiences are to be added with every new PN process.  


PNMA Co-Chairs:

  • Ms. Neema Lugangira, IGF MAG Member
  • Mr. Giacomo Mazzone, Independent Expert
  • Supported by the UN IGF Secretariat (Ms. Daphnee Iglesias, Independent Consultant for Digital Policies and Governance)

The co-chairs work collaboratively with the dedicated PNMA multistakeholder working group of experts (MWG). The community engagement is facilitated through several NRI focal points and a dedicated mailing list. All interested stakeholders are most welcome to subscribe to the list through this link.


2023 Process:




"We have come a long way with local, national and global efforts towards universal connectivity and meaningful access, from a wide number of organizations across all stakeholder groups. However, the implementation of policies around meaningful access remains challenging. Therefore, the PNMA MWG has decided not to concentrate its work on mapping or definition tracks since it is already covered in other fora. We will build on this work from a number of current and past efforts. The MWG agreed to explore concrete actions the members of the PNMA could support so that the main outcome of the PNMA is not only a set of recommendations."

(Statement of IGF 2021 PNMA Multistakeholder Working Group)


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