IGF 2023 WS #374 Privacy by Design in the Digital Era


Data Governance & Trust
Data Privacy and Protection

Organizer 1: Esther Nyapendi, 🔒
Organizer 2: Sandra Aceng, Women of Uganda Network
Organizer 3: Kalema Chris, Unwanted Witness

Speaker 1: Kalema Chris, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Saul Kabali, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 3: Sarah Kiden, Technical Community, African Group


Innocent Adriko, Civil Society, African Group

Online Moderator

Letowon Abdi Saitoti, Civil Society, African Group


Amuku Isaac, Civil Society, African Group


Break-out Group Discussions - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

A. How can privacy by design principles be effectively integrated into the design and development of innovative technologies, services, and platforms to promote responsible innovation and protect privacy?
B. What are the practical implementation strategies and best practices that individuals and organizations can adopt to ensure privacy by design in the digital era, considering the evolving regulatory landscape and user expectations?
C. How can multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge sharing foster the adoption of privacy by design principles, and what are the key tools and resources available to support organizations in embedding privacy considerations into their projects and initiatives?

What will participants gain from attending this session? By attending this session, participants will gain a clear understanding of the concept of privacy by design and its significance in promoting ethical practices and data protection. They will learn how privacy considerations can be integrated into the design and development of innovative technologies, services, and platforms as well as practical Implementation Strategies that can be applied in their own projects and organizations. From the discussions, the participants will attain actionable steps to integrate privacy by design principles into their work, contribute to building a culture of privacy and trust, and ensure the responsible use of data in the digital ecosystem.
Lastly, the session will facilitate knowledge sharing among diverse stakeholders and netwoks, which will be an opportunity for them to learn from real-world case studies and success stories, fostering collaboration and the exchange of insights and experiences.


The Session: Privacy by Design in the Digital Era under the theme of Data Governance and Trust looks at Fostering Responsible Innovation and Data Protection. The objective of the session is to exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences, and contribute to shaping a digital ecosystem that embraces innovation while respecting privacy rights be it for an individual or organisation.
To achieve the objective, the session will delve to understand the concept of privacy by design and its crucial role in safeguarding privacy and data protection of both individual and organizational data in the rapidly evolving digital era. With a clear focus on balancing innovation and data protection, our discussion will explore strategies and best practices for integrating privacy considerations into the design and development of innovative technologies, services, and platforms. Furthermore, examine how privacy by design principles can guide responsible innovation, emphasizing the ethical considerations approaches that should underpin the creation of new digital solutions. Lastly, highlight the importance of transparency, user control over personal data, and embedding privacy protections into the core architecture of products and services.
The session is intended to bring together experts from academia, civil society, and policy sectors, who will foster a multi-stakeholder dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of privacy by design.
This session will feature discussions, case studies, and interactive engagement to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exploration of practical solutions.

Expected Outcomes

- Increased awareness and understanding of privacy by design principles and their importance in the digital era.
- Increased knowledge exchange and collaborations which will foster a collective understanding of privacy by design, and promote collaboration for responsible innovation.
-The session will generate policy recommendations that promote the adoption of privacy by design principles.
Some of the outputs will include:
A comprehensive session report, summarizing the key discussions, insights, and recommendations shared during the session. The report will be made available to participants and the broader community, serving as a reference document for further discussions and initiatives.
The session may lead to publication such as an article that explores specific aspects of privacy by design in the digital era.

Hybrid Format: To facilitate interaction between onsite and online speakers and attendees, the session will employ interactive sessions and complementary online tools, to create an inclusive and engaging experience for both online and onsite participants. The session will also have a dedicated online moderator and technical support assigned to manage the virtual aspects of the session, this will bridge the gap between onsite and online participants, and facilitate the two-way communication channel. During the sessions, the online participants will have the opportunity to interact with onsite speakers and vice versa and as well regular Q&A sessions will be scheduled throughout the session to allow participants to discuss, share insights, and engage in the dialogue. Several tools will be used by online participants such as Jotforms, chat and polls for participants to engage, and submit questions and feedback in real-time while onsite participants can utilize microphones or written question cards.