IGF 2023 WS #380 Social Capital X Youth: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Organizer 1: Bea Guevarra, 🔒NetMission.Asia
Organizer 2: Stella Anne Ming Hui Teoh, NetMission.Asia
Organizer 3: Luke Rong Guang Teoh, NetMission.Asia

Speaker 1: Kaushalya Gupta, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: Arevik Martirosyan, Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Speaker 3: Marko Paloski, Technical Community, Eastern European Group


Bea Guevarra, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group

Online Moderator

Stella Anne Ming Hui Teoh, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Luke Rong Guang Teoh, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group


Round Table - 60 Min

Policy Question(s)

Trust in content: How content from other users or oneself can impact feelings of trust [e.g. self-generated sexualised content, fake news]
Trust in people: How interactions with people online (moderators/peers/admins) can affect trust [e.g. Reporting cyberbullying/harassment/copyright strikes]
Trust in technology: How biases in AI/algorithms/deceptive design can be negative experiences for youth users

What will participants gain from attending this session? The workshop will help attendees understand the importance of trust and how it impacts an individual’s online/virtual experiences. Participants will be able to better identify areas where trust is weaker, which can contribute to better efforts in cultivating social capital. Building from past work during MozFest 2023, the organisers aim to develop a global youth perspective understanding the similarities and differences in how trust operates around the world. As well as identifying common key areas that need to be addressed to build trust and promote digital citizenship globally.


Session aims to consider youth opinions on three aspects of trust as social capital in the context of being active online; trust in content, trust in people, trust in technology. We believe that trust is an invaluable element for future meaningful participation of youth in Internet Governance and to build digital citizenship. We feel that perspectives of youth towards trust may differ according to their respective culture and region; therefore it would be helpful to identify common key areas globally.

Expected Outcomes

Session organisers hope to collect opinions to act as basis for future sessions/reports on trust for youths from a youth perspective.
We plan to incorporate session findings as the basis for future workshops/sessions at NetMission.Asia.

Hybrid Format: To facilitate interaction between onsite and online speakers and attendees we will be allocating speaking time for all parties (+ any buffering). Also the online platform, Miro board will be used to collect opinions and ideas during the session. We hope to share the session output in the form of an info-graphic or report on NetMission.Asia website.