Koubaa, Khaled

Khaled is a Public Policy lead for North Africa at Facebook. Previously, he worked as Government Relations and Public Policy Manager MENA at Google.

He has a long experience serving on the board of important Internet and International organizations. Khaled was a Board Director at ICANN, a Board of Trustees at the Internet Society and Board Director at AfriNIC. He regularly attends Internet-related events (ICANN, ITU, IETF, IGF, etc.). He served on the ICANN Nominating Committee as representative of the African Region. He was a member of the World Bank Advisory Council for Citizen Engagement. He is a board member of the Organization for Promotion, Protection and Progress of the Frogans Technology (OP3FT).

Khaled served as the founding President of the Tunisian IGF MAG, member of the Arab IGF MAG and member of the North Africa IGF Nominating Committee.

Khaled founded the Internet Society chapter in Tunisia in 2006 and served as its President. He founded in 2009 the Arab World Internet Institute.

Khaled has more than 20 years of professional experience in the business and regulation of Internet technologies and familiarity with the technical and political environments that surround them. He regularly provides speeches and advises on strategic issues involving the intersection of business, technology, and public policy on the Internet, domain names, IP Address, e-commerce, privacy, and Telecommunication.

Khaled earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management from the High School of Commerce in Tunisia and a Master Degree in Electronic Commerce from the High School of Electronic Commerce. He completed executive courses at MIT, USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism and an Executive Certificate of Public Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School.

The Internet strikes a personal chord with Khaled: he met his wife online, and subsequently saw his daughter for the first time online.