NRIs Collaborative Session on Privacy Online

NRIs Collaborative Session: Privacy Concerns on national and regional levels

Theme: Security, Safety, Stability & Resilience

Sub-theme: Human Rights; Trust and Accountability; Internet Resources

Policy Questions: 

  • How can end users rights and their capacity to protect themselves and their data be reinforced?
  • What are the practices of privacy protection on national and regional levels?
  • What role should Internet platforms play in defining the standards for privacy protection online?
  • Are nationally developed standards globally acceptable?  

Relevance to Theme and Internet Governance: Privacy online is a human rights that must be protected. However, many services based on digital tools have access to our data. For example, the facial recognition tools in public discourse are emerging without the people knowing where their information is stored and for what purpose. Many countries and regions are developing policies and laws to protecting the privacy of end users and holding accountable those that collect data. 

Description: This session will focus on concrete national and regional case study examples of privacy protection. It will put focus on various modes of intelligent surveillance and their purpose. A number of the NRIs, while discussing this matter in their respected communities, have focused on the benefits and positive use of this technology. Concrete case study examples from countries and regionals of involved NRIs will be discussed in this session.

Format of the Session: Interactive roundtable discussion

Expected Outcomes:  The session aims to showcase concrete issues local communities have related to surveillance related privacy protection, and will produce a set of concrete messages on what are the issues and how to potentially resolve them.

Discussion Facilitation: The moderator will follow the agreed set of policy and will allow for introductory, case study remarks by the NRIs speakers. This will be followed by engaging other present participants into developing an interactive discussion.

Online participation: A dedicated online moderator will be placed next to the onsite moderator. All participants will be using the online speaking queue to be treated equally in their requests for interventions. All input presentation will be made available at the IGF website and links will be shared via the online tool.


  1. Ghana IGF
  2. Panama IGF
  3. Brazil IGF
  4. France IGF
  5. Gambia IGF
  6. IGF-USA
  7. German IGF

Speakers: Speakers to be delegated through an open, bottom-up process by the NRIs multistakeholder organizing committees.

Connection to SDGs: