Wallis, Ben

Ben is a Regulatory Policy Analyst at Microsoft, where he focuses on regulatory and policy solutions for extending connectivity to the next billion, and on contributing to the success of the multi-stakeholder model of internet governance through engagement in forums such as the IGF, ICANN and ITU.

Prior to Microsoft, Ben worked in the International Team of the UK communications regulator, Ofcom. During this time, he served as Vice-Chair of the OECD’s working party on Communications Infrastructure and Services Policy. He also represented Ofcom at the European telecoms regulatory network, BEREC, where he co-chaired the Net Neutrality Working Group which produced guidelines for implementation of the EU net neutrality law.

Ben also worked at the global NGO, Consumers International, where he coordinated the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue, facilitating dialogue between US and EU consumer organizations on the one hand, and the US Government and European Commission on the other.