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Reviewing past BPFs and developing criteria for future BPFs: a ''BPF on BPFs''

At the first MAG meeting/Open Consultations this year in January in Geneva there was a ‎discussion on how to select themes for Best Practice Forums (BPFs) and also on how to ‎evaluate whether they achieved their objectives. ‎

The MAG decided to launch a process with the objective of finding a common understanding ‎on how best to organise BPFs. The aim is to document lessons learned, outputs, and, where ‎possible, outcomes of BPFs organized between 2014 and 2019 and inform the process for ‎evaluating, proposing and approving BPFs from 2021 onwards. ‎

As a first step, the IGF Secretariat identified key actors who have been involved in the running ‎of one or more BPFs in the past. They have been asked to provide input into this exercise, ‎colloquially termed as a “BPF on BPFs”. ‎

The overarching questions are the usual BPF questions, namely

  • ‎what worked well
  • what worked less well
  • with hindsight, what would you have done differently

Part of the work will be the development of a systematised evaluation tool, with proposals for ‎metrics by which the MAG could assess BPF proposals and outcomes, as well as to provide ‎guidance for best practices on organizing and leading a BPF.‎

Actions and deliverables

  1. ‎Collect and document experiences, best practices and other input related to the BPFs ‎organized between 2014 and 2019 (desk research, surveys, interviews, etc.). Identify ‎key participants such as former coordinators, lead experts, key contributors and ‎consultants/Secretariat staff.‎
  2. Analyse the collected information and formulate best practices and recommendations ‎for improvements, Prepare a substantive draft report for the MAG.  ‎
  3. Open up the process and invite the MAG and other interested parties to provide ‎feedback. Collect and analyse the feedback received. Organise calls as necessary to ‎discuss the ongoing work.‎
  4. Publish a final report, that takes into account all the input received from the MAG and ‎other participants. The report will be issued ahead of the annual IGF meeting so that ‎recommendations can be taken up in the process of selecting the BPF themes for ‎‎2021.‎

Tentative time table:‎

  • Research and analysis:  April - May
  • Draft report by 1 June  (2 weeks before the June MAG meeting)‎
  • Open process/ MAG discussion and feedback:  June - July - August
  • Final report by 1 October 2020‎

Contact Information

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