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Chukov, Roman

Dr. Roman Chukov has graduated with bachelor and master’s degree (cum laude) from ‎the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University. He holds a PhD degree in ‎political science, has a number of scientific publications on institutionalization of the G7, G20 ‎and BRICS and was twice awarded by the state for working at the Russian G20 and BRICS ‎presidencies in 2013-2015. For more than nine years Roman has been involved in the G8, G20 ‎and BRICS youth, academic and civil society initiatives on behalf of Russia. Since 2015 till ‎now he also works as a Research Fellow at the Russian Federal State Budgetary Science ‎Institute of Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as in the National ‎Committee on BRICS Research. In 2016 and till now he serves as the Russian Y20 Sherpa for ‎ensuring further continuity of Y20 work on international scale and Chair of the Board at the ‎Russian Centre for Promotion of International Initiatives.‎

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