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Dynamic Coalition on Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy (DC-SIDS)


Ten Point Preliminary Action Plan






Dynamic Coalition formally recognized

Jun 2018



Consult with founding membership and submit Proposal for DC Session at IGF 2018

Jun 2018

Contingent upon formal recognition


Fully activate Mailing List

Jul 2018



Virtual Consultations on IGF 2018 DC Session

Jul - Aug 2018



PACIFIC IGF 2018 (Port Vila, Vanuatu)

Aug 2018

The Pacific region’s second IGF will be held in conjunction with the Asia Pacific regional IGF, which will be in Port Vila, on the island of Vanuatu in the West Pacific in August 2018. A Pacific Day has been included into the APrIGF programme to incorporate issues that are of importance to the Pacific region. These include Digital Libraries, Cybersecurity, AP* organisational updates and a special plenary on "Preparing for Natural Disasters in the Pacific region". A report on this event will be forwarded to the Dynamic Coalition contacts.


Development of DC Website

Aug - Sep 2018



Establishment of Platform to support IGFs in SIDS regions (Pacific, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Africa)

Aug - Nov 2018



Pilot a Platform to support SIDS-specific Internet & ICT issues within the SIDS regions - beginning with the Pacific region - re-establishment of PacINETs

Sep - Dec 2018

Dynamic Coalition could support the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) to work towards a revival of an earlier programme of PacINETs which used to be held in a different Pacific nation each year to raise awareness of Internet Governance and to examine IG issues within the Pacific. This support would enable a wider reach within the Pacific of the importance of IG issues being raised on each of the small island states in the region and to encourage a multi-stakeholder approach to the discussions. 


Develop a Research and Action Agenda for SIDS in the Internet Economy 2019-2024

Aug - Dec 2018

To be presented, discussed and validated at the IGF 2018 session.


DC Session on SIDS in the Internet Economy at IGF 2018

Dec 2018


  • Research & Action Agenda 2019-2014
  • Report of DC Session

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