IGF 2017 WS #212 Navigating gender and youth challenges: telling stories about women, technology and creation

Short Title: 
Telling stories about youth and gender

Proposer's Name: Ms. Bruna Santos
Proposer's Organization: GenderYouth/Youth Observatory
Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Louise Marie Hurel
Co-Proposer's Organization: Gender Youth/Youth Observatory
Ms Angelica, CONTRERAS, Civil Society, Youth Observatory
Ms Evelyn, NAMARA, Civil Society, Africa Civil Society on Information Society (ACSIS)

Additional Speakers: 

Mariel Garcia-Montes is a graduate student and research assistant at the Center of Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center. She is pondering the questions she asked herself (without the chances to formally explore) throughout her work in tech capacity building in civil society in Mexico and Latin America – especially those around youth, media, civic/moral education and digital literacies. Previously, she worked for UNICEF (HQ), SocialTIC (Mexico), and has been involved in over 100 tech for change projects in the last decade.


1.  Onsite moderator will introduce the speakers (10 min)
2. Speakers will share their stories and experiences on how women deal with the Internet, challenges faced, and the barriers encountered by them working on the ICT field (30 min) 
3. Onsite moderator will break-out the audience into 6 discussion groups (5 min)
4. Group discussion on the theme facilitated by the responsible speaker (30 min) 
5. Resume of group discussion and final toughts (15 min).