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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #20 Strengthening the multi-stakeholder approach on international norms in cyberspace

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The Project Team of EU Cyber Direct is hosting this event aimed at all stakeholders engaged in responsible normative behaviors in cyberspace to connect in advance of IGF to get to know each other’s work on the issues globally and look for common ground.

In April 2014, Brazil hosted Netmundial, the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance. The non-binding outcome document that was created with civil society input called for an appropriate cooperation among governments, private sector, civil society, academia and technical community to improve cybersecurity and address digital security threats. Also the EU recognized in its conclusions of 16 April 2018 that that the interconnected and complex nature of cyberspace requires joint efforts by governments, private sector, civil society, technical community, users and academia to address the challenges faced and calls on these stakeholders to recognize and take their specific responsibilities to maintain an open, free, secure and stable cyberspace. This sentiment to engage in open dialogue with all relevant actors was also adapted specifically for international norms in cyberspace reinforced in a number of international commitments, including the UN GGE 2015 report. The multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as The Paris Call or the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) have used a multi-stakeholder approach in their exchanges on responsible normative behavior in cyberspace. Despite the progress made, challenges of holding discussions between all stakeholders from different backgrounds and regions prevails and the efforts in this regard need to be strengthened. With the new UNGGE and OEWG underway, further discussions within the multi stakeholder community should take place in order to improve cybersecurity and address digital security threats, as all stakeholders have a responsibility in the implementation, enforcement and operationalisation of responsible normative behavior.

The two goals of this event are therefore to take stock on the current progress on multi-stakeholder approaches to responsible normative behavior of all stakeholders in cyberspace and strengthen the multi-stakeholder dialogue on operationalization of norms by connecting stakeholders across the globe who work on those issues. As norms in cyberspace touch upon many issues that are more in depth discussed in workshops and panels at IGF, we see this pre-event as a way to ease into the topic and connect stakeholders.

The event will be held in an interactive World Café Format that is designed to engage and connect as many stakeholders as possible on the topics of international norms in cyberspace.

Guiding questions for the three tables that rotate are:

Table 1) How to use and improve multi stakeholder discussions for multilateral processes like the UNGGE?

Table 2) How can we better define the “roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders?

Table 3) What can be the role of other Internet Governance fora and how can we ensure coordination with the IGF?

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