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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #21 The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Africa - Between Ethical Challenges and Economic Development

Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)


UN Global Pulse and BMZ conduct the pilot project "Ethical Policy Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence in the Global South". The project aims to develop local ethical policy frameworks for AI in the pilot countries Uganda and Ghana. The aim is to enable the countries to use AI innovations more quickly and effectively to achieve the sustainability goals. The long-term goal is an "African Declaration on AI for the SDGs" by 2021. We want to present the project and its first results to the public on Day Zero of the IGF.

The project is expected to achieve two results in 2019:
Outcome 1: Ethical policy frameworks for CI in Uganda and Ghana
Outcome 2: Innovative AI projects to achieve the sustainability objectives of Agenda 2030.

In the area of "Ethical Policy Frameworks for CI", the 2019 project is to initiate up to three policy initiatives in Africa, for example national legislation in the area of data protection or guidelines for ethical CI principles.

This event would also help us to collect feedback from the IGF-community on the future focus and scalability of the project.

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