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IGF 2020 Village Booth #6 Dominios Latinoamerica


Dominios Latinoamerica is a web portal with information about online tools for productivity focused on Small and Medium Enterprises and entrepreneurs. We organized seminars, events and webinars focused in topics like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Security, DNSSEC, freedom of expression and access to services, among o thers.

All these activities are open and free for the communtiy, events include remote participation and translation, webinars are recorded for further consultation on the portal.

NEW!!! New cycle of webinars MUNDO CONECTADO

In order to adapt activities to the restrictions for social gatherings, DOMINIOS LATINOAMERICA started a new cycle of webinars called MUNDO CONECTADO.

The idea is to bring the voice of experts closer to the community throug webinars focused on topics of interest related with technology, economy and society.

Webinars are organized in Spanish language for the moment, but in the future there will be simultaneos translation in to English language.

The following webinars were organized:

Cybercrime in pandemic times - Horacio Azzolin - Titular UFECI

ICTs and Sustainability - Jorge Perez Martínez y José Felix - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

ENACOM in pandemic times - Gustavo López - Vivepresidente de ENACOM Argentina




Set your time of preference in our calendar, give us your details and you will be contacted by us.