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IGF 2020 Village Booth #74 Smart Citizenship Foundation



The <A+> Alliance is a multidisciplinary, diverse, and feminist global coalition of expert practitioners, academics and activists working to create and apply Affirmative Action Algorithms (<A+>) that upturn the current path of ADM at a critical turning point in history. Coordinated by Women at the Table and Ciudadanía Inteligente, <A+> combines field knowledge, multilateral and local expertise administering programs, with a wealth of experience achieving systems change at the institutional level.

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Our vision

To activate new norms that create lasting institutional and cultural systems change so that we achieve gender equality in the systems we catalyze now and for the century beyond. Our plan is to address the problem at the diplomatic, standards, public policy and technical levels, simultaneously. We will foster regional and global partnerships, collaboration and ongoing cooperation to achieve gender equality. We will build capacity for individuals and decision-makers across the globe delivering practical guidance and active engagement to mitigate and correct for gender bias in ADM. We will implement pilots to correct real-life bias and barriers that prevent women from achieving their full participation and rights in the present, and in the future we invent.


  1. Correct real world and digital bias with the use of cutting edge technology, innovative public policy, >and high-level diplomatic engagement that is grounded in human rights.
  2. Create a platform and ecosystem that supports >an inclusive digital future with gender equality at its core.
  3. Deliver systemic changes and new norms to achieve gender equality and strengthen democracy

Who we are?





Internet-governance activities

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