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Data Thematic Track Comprehensive List of Illustrative Policy Questions

Policy questions could be structured around any of the tags identified for each sub-theme as part of the validation process. 

Below, an additional set of illustrative policy questions have been provided for each theme, bearing in mind these are examples only and that proposers are encouraged to put forward their own questions. 

Remember: Policy questions are ones that bring together different disciplines or areas of policy research.  A policy question should encourage dialogue, debate and discussion among different stakeholders and disciplines, be worded in an objective way to allow for different answers/views/proposals/solutions to emerge and not presuppose the outcome.

1) Governance dimensions for data-driven technologies

  • What is the relationship between ethical considerations and Human Rights and regulatory frameworks in data driven technologies governance? Is one approach  better than the other for resolving issues related to data-driven technologies?  
  • What societal and economic benefits are enabled by the trustworthy use of data to develop data-driven emerging technologies, e.g. through machine learning and the development of AI? How should these benefits be weighed against the need to protect fundamental rights?

2) Digital identity

  • How to design systems for meaningful consent in the use of personal data?
  • How to ensure transparency and accountability in the gathering and handling of personal data?

3) Data-driven emerging technologies

  • How do we move from the articulation of ethical and human rights principles for AI to the operationalization of those in the deploying AI technologies?
  • How could policy-making benefit from the analysis of big data to better understand impacts of policy decisions on sustainability?

4) Data-driven business models

  • How to balance secondary uses of data for societal good while preserving privacy? What are the technological or regulatory strategies to address this?
  • How to use data respecting human rights and sharing created value for all the parties?
  • How data governance can help to mitigate inequalities in the 'gig' economy?

5) Data access, quality, interoperability, competition & innovation

  • How can we ensure equitable access to data for fostering competition and innovation?
  • How can we ensure portability and interoperability of data for fostering innovation with a Human Rights approach?
  • How is data quality playing a role in the conception of internet commons or data trusts?

6) The impact of digital sovereignty and Internet fragmentation on trust

  • How do current cross-border data flow frameworks address the legitimate needs of law enforcement to access digital evidence?  
  • How do current cross-border data flow frameworks ensure the protection of fundamental rights?

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