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Zero rating Map (DC on Network Neutrality)

This document describes the Zero Rating Map, which is 2017 outcome of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DCNN).1 In 2017, Zero Rating2 continued to be one of the most discussed net neutrality issue. In this context, the proposal to develop the Zero Rating Map was put forward to facilitate a better understanding of the issue, collecting objective data regarding existing zero rating offerings and regulations.

The idea to develop a Zero Rating Map was discussed via the DCNN mailing list, between June and September 2017. DCNN members provided multistakeholder inputs with regard to how to develop this interactive tool, from both a substantial and procedural standpoint. Notably, DCNN members provided feedback on the questions to be asked in order to collect precise and complete information as well as on the technical tools that could be exploited to collect information and to implement the Map.

The purpose of the Map is to build an open access resource that can contribute to the promotion of a more informed debate on Net Neutrality and Zero Rating and can be exploited by a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers, regulators, entrepreneurs and user rights advocates.

To date, inputs on Zero Rating practices in several countries have already been collected,
utilising an open Ethercalc sheet. All interested stakeholders are invited to contribute to
this crowdsourced effort, using the Ethercalc sheet to add information regarding their
respective countries. The beta version of the Zero Rating Map will be released at the IGF
meeting of the DCNN and will include information added to the Ethercalc sheet until 20
November 2017. The Ethercalc sheet will remain open to receive information
submissions during the IGF and after the IGF, and the Zero Rating Map will be regularly
updated, including the most recent information added to the Ethercalc sheet. The Zero
Rating Map will be available on

The elaboration of the Zero Rating Map is coordinated by Luca Belli, DCNN Chair and
Senior Researcher at the Center for Technology & Society at Fundação Getulio Vargas
(CTS/FGV). All contributors to this effort will be able, but not obliged, to include their
name as authors of the contributions Map, using a specific column in the Ethercalc sheet.
Contributors stating their name will be explicitly acknowledged in the Zero Rating Map,
which will be graciously maintained by CTS/FGV.

Information to be Collected via the Ethercalc Sheet

 Country
 Is there net neutrality regulation?
 Has any national regulator issued any regulation regarding zero rating?
 Name of the operators implementing zero rating offerings
 Are the operators zero-rating specific services (e.g. only whatsapp) or classes of
services (e.g. all instant messaging apps)?
 In case only specific services are zero rated, what are the zero rated services?
 Is the zero-rated service throttled or blocked after the data volume is exceeded?
 Is the user signing up for free (e.g. zero rated services are bundled with specific
offerings) or is the zero rating offering coming with a cost?
 Is the Content or Application Provider paying to be zero-rated?
 Name of the person providing information (optional)