IGF 2021 - Day 4 - Town Hall #58 Data Protection In International Organizations

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>> We all live in a digital world.  We all need it to be open and safe.  We all want to trust.

>> And to be trusted. 

>> We all despise control.

>> And desire freedom. 

>> We are all united. 

>> MICHAEL NELSON: I'm Mike Nelson with the Carnegie Endowment for National Peace here in Washington, D.C.

And I'm disappointed there aren't more people here to discuss one of the most important issues we're dealing with.  I've been working on Internet policy for more than 30 years, worked with Senator Al Gore and then Vice President Al Gore at the White House, worked at IBM, Microsoft, Cloudflare, and for the last two years, I've been helping governments around the world understand technology trends and the impact of the cloud, the Internet, big data, machine learning, and have been very involved in the Internet Governance Forum over the years as a member of the MAG and have been speaker on quite a few panels.  But I was hoping to have a good dialogue today about what's going on, on digital issues at the OECD, at the United Nations, at the Council of Europe, some of the other organizations that are grappling with these very tough issues.  I'm glad to be here.  And you can follow me on Twitter @mikenelson.  That's the best way to reach me since I get way too much email. 

>> MICHAEL NELSON: Krzysztof, it's Michael Nelson.