IGF 2021 Lightning Talk #32 AI vs. Our Bodies: Queering AI

Wednesday, 8th December, 2021 (11:00 UTC) - Wednesday, 8th December, 2021 (11:30 UTC)
Conference Room 7

Queer in AI / Youth SIG
Juan Pajaro Velasquez, Civil Society, Latin American and the Caribbean Group


Juan Pajaro Velasquez, Civil Society, Latin American and the Caribbean Group

Online Moderator

Juan Pajaro Velasquez


I choose as format a gathering. I think through this format we can discuss and point to a better set of practices or principles for AI's that reduce BIAS and makes these Social Media Platforms more human-centered or/and Community-centered.

Duration (minutes)



During the recent pandemic, the Content Moderation Tools used in Social Media have become more dependent on AI's. This situation has brought issues for all marginalized communities, especially women and gender diverse where their bodies and sometimes expressions of self are censored by these tools and when they ask for reasons the algorithm shows its BIAS, and the post never is shared again, this is making that women and gender diverse people censure themselves in order to fill the "Community Standards" and with this increasing the gender breach online. With this discussion, we want to think and share a queer theory for AI and possible ways to solve those AI's/CMT biases have.

This talk will be open to all who want to participate, taking the floor or writing in a shared document their ideas and inputs related to what we will talk about during this conversation. This will be an online document where the people can put some solutions to some specific cases where the automatic content moderation tools affected women and gender diverse people.