IGF 2021 Open Forum #62 EU Delegation to the IGF & the Youth IGF

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 (12:45 UTC) - Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 (13:45 UTC)
Conference Room 7

Round Table - U-shape - 60 Min



We will discuss how the young and the Youth IGF Leaders can influence choice of internet policies. 

The main idea of the present proposal for an Open Forum is to share with the IGF multi-stakeholder community the outcomes of the Youth IGF Movement activities on digital cooperation that took place around the world in 2020, know as the Youth IGF Battles 2020 to support the UN roadmap on Digital cooperation.

The format of the Open Forum is intended to be a debate between the Youth IGF Movement leaders and the leaders of the Information Society, namely the members of the EU Delegation to the IGF (Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission), communities working on Digital cooperation, as well as the representatives of the Asia-Pacific community, African countries and Latin America.

We would like also to invite the leaders of the private sector. The Open Forum welcomes the representatives of other youth initiatives to engage in an inclusive dialogue with the leaders of the IGF community, namely the ISOC YIGF program, the ICANN Next-Gen and the nationals Youth IGFs.

This year it is proposed to focus the discussion between leaders and youth representatives on the engagement of Youth IGF community on the subject of digital cooperation and their role to play.

The session is foreseen as an open dialogue. The organiser and the co-organiser will give a few introductory tips.


European Commission
In collaboration with TaC-Together against Cybercrime International


Mr Vinton G. Cerf, Known as Father of the Internet , Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

Mrs Yu Ping Chan, Senior Programme Officer, Office of the UN Secretary General's Envoy on Technology

Mr Pearse O'Donohue, Director, Directorate E, Future Networks, DG Connect, European Commission

Mrs Mei Lin Fung, Co-Founder, People Centered Internet, Co-Founder. CRM Innovator.

Mr Giovanni Seppia, External Relations Manager, EURid

Ms Yulia Tihonova, Youth IGF Partner, ITU Generation Connect, Russia & CIS

Ms Razoana Moslam, Youth IGF Partner, Australia. Cybersecurity Researcher

Mr Levy Syanseke, Youth IGF Partner, Youth IGF Zambia Founder 

Onsite Moderator

Yuliya MORENETS, Youth IGF Founder

Online Moderator

Michel CHAMMAS, Youth IGF Partner Lebanon




8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
10. Reduced Inequalities

Targets: The Open Forum supports the implementation of the UN Secretary-General's Roadmap for digital cooperation and foresees the discussion on the role of the youth in its implementation. The UN Secretary-General's Roadmap for digital cooperation is directly linked to the SDGs.