We would like to display a Digital Security Alliance(DSA) booth. The DSA is a coalition of organizations and individual digital security experts working towards securing the digital assets of civil society, human rights defenders, journalists, and other activists in the face of threats posed by powerful corporations, unscrupulous criminals, state and other nonstate actors.

The DSA booth will pool IT and IT security resources from individuals and organizations to build IT security capacity in the civil society sector. DSA booth will not only display the work of the alliance but will assist NGOs or other forms of civil society organizations in handling the technical and organizational aspects of incidents in connection with Digital and Internet Security. In particular, DSA will provide assistance or advice with respect to the following aspects of incidents management:

1. Incident triage- We will display how participants solving incidents can gather any extra forensic information needed and identifying the best partner or skill set needed to address the incident.
2. Incident resolution - We will display how the DSA collects statistics concerning incidents processed and notifies the wider community as necessary to assist it in protecting against known attacks.

The DSA booth will further share security tools and technology aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity, circumventing surveillance, and equipping the HRD, CSO, NGO, or Citizen with skills and best digital and internet practices.

The DSA booth will offer assistance to any HRD, CSO, NGO, and Citizen that is under attack or threat and is in need of emergency or rapid response to help contain or mitigate further damage. In this case, the DSA will utilize a ticketing system that will identify the relevant digital security expert depending on the technicalities of the specific security incident.