MAG 2014

• Ms. Aguerre, Carolina

   Buenos Aires, Argentina - General Manager, LACTLD

• Mr. Aizu, Izumi

   Tokyo, Japan - Senior Research Fellow and Professor Institute for InfoSocionomics, Tama University

• Ms. Alexander, Fiona

   Washington D.C, USA - Associate Administrator for International Affairs, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), U.S. Department of Commerce

• Ms. Ali Husain Castilho, Angelic Caroline

   Paramaribo, Suriname – Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Suriname

• Mr. Amessinou, Kossi

   Cotonou, Benin – Ingénieur Tic, Ministère du Développement, de l’Analyse Economique et de la Prospective

• Ms. Andersdotter, Amelia

   Brussels, Belgium – Member of the European Parliament, Pirate Party

• Mr. Bhatia, Virat 

   New Delhi, India - Chairman, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Communication and Digital Economy Committee 

• Ms. Bommelaer, Constance

   Geneva, Switzerland- Snr Director, Public Policy, ISOC

• Mr. Boukadoum, Mourad

   Geneva, Switzerland – Counselor, Permanent Mission of Algeria

• Mr. Brueggeman, Jeff

   Washington DC, USA - AT&T, Vice President- Public Policy and deputy Chief Privacy Officer (USA)

• Ms. Byun, Soonjoung

   Seoul, Republic of Korea – General Researcher, Korea Internet & Security Agency

• Ms. Caballero, María Victoria Romero 

   Geneva, Switzerland – First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Mexico

• Ms. Cade, Marilyn

   Falls Church, USA – CEO, Strategies mCADE llc

• Ms. Cambronero, Fatima

   Argentina - Lawyer and specialized at law and technology, AGEIA DENSI Argentina (Study Group & Academic Research Association in Law, Economy and Business at Information Society)

• Mr. Carvell, Mark

  London, United Kingdom - Head, Global Internet Governance Policy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), United Kingdom Government 

• Ms. Cavalli, Olga del Carmen

   Buenos Aires, Argentina - Advisor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina

• Ms. Chalmers, Susan 

   Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA - Independent Consultant

• Ms. Chaturvedi, Subi 

   New Delhi, India - Adjunct Faculty /Hon. Managing Trustee, IIIT Delhi (A State University by an Act of Govt. of NCT of Delhi) / Media For Change

• Mr. Chen, Hongbing

  China - Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland

• Ms. Cretu, Veronica

   Chisinau, Moldova – President, Open Government Institute, Moldova

• Ms. Das, Ankhi 

   New Delhi, India - Head of Public Policy, Facebook India

• Mr. Drake, William

   Geneva, Switzerland - International Fellow and Lecturer, Media Change and Innovation Division, IPMZ, University Zurich

• Mr. Elgamal, Hossam 

   Cairo, Egypt - Board Member, AfICTA – Africa ICT Alliance

• Mr. Ene, Emesibe Sergius

   Lagos, Nigeria – MTN Transmission Topology Planning, MTN – Nigeria Communications Limited

 Mr. Esmat, Baher 

   Cairo, Egypt – Manager, Regional Relations Middle East, ICANN

• Ms. Esterhuysen, Anriette 

   Johannesburg, South Africa - Executive Director, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

Mr. Filip, Ondřej 

   Prague, Czech Republic - Chief Executive Officer, CZ.NIC

Mr. Gjorgjinski, Ljupco Jivan 

   Skopje, Macedonia – Assistant Director, Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia

Mr. Guo Liang

   Beijing, China - Director of the China Internet Project and Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 

• Ms. Jere, Towela

  South Africa - NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency

Mr. Lee, Xiaodong

   Beijing, China – Chief Executive Officer, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center)

Mr. Major, Peter

   Geneva, Switzerland - Special Advisor, Permanent Mission of Hungary to the UN

Ms. Mangal, Anju

   Suva, Fiji - Information and Knowledge Management Specialist/Coordinator, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

Mr. Maurer, Andrew

   Canberra, Australia – Assistant Secretary, Spectrum, Treaties & Internet Governance Branch, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

• Mr. Mazzone, Giacomo

   Geneva, Switzerland - Head of Institutional Relations, European Broadcasting Union

Mr. Milashevsky, Igor

   Moscow, Russian Federation - Advisor to the Russian Federation Minister of Telecommunications and Mass Media, The Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

Ms. Morenets, Yuliya

   Odessa, Ukraine - Founder and Representative, TaC-Together against Cybercrime

Mr. Mustala, Tero

   Tuusula, Finland - Principal Consultant, Nokia Solutions and Networks (Finland)

Ms. Nalwoga, Lillian 

   Kampala, Uganda - President, ISOC- Uganda Chapter - Collaboration on International IT Policy in East and Southern

Mr. Nelson, Michael

   Washington DC, USA - Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft

Ms. Neves, Ana

   Lisbon, Portugal - Director of the Department of Information Society, “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.”, Ministry of Education and Science

Ms. Okite, Judith 

   Nairobi, Kenya - Internet Governance Coordinator Free Software and Open source Foundation for Africa Dynamic Coalitions on Disability and Accessibility

Ms. Okutani, Izumi

   Tokyo, Japan – Policy Liaison, Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)

Mr. Pedraza-Barrios, Ricardo 

   Bogota, Colombia - CEO and Founder, LATAM Consulting Services

Mr. Radunovic, Vladimir

   Belgrade, Serbia - Coordinator, Internet Governance Programmes, DiploFoundation

Mr. Rendek, Paul 

   Slovakia - Director of External relations, RIPE NCC

Mr. Ryan, Patrick

   Mountrain View, USA - Policy Counsel, Open Internet, Google Inc

Ms. Seltzer, Wendy

   New Haven, USA - Technical Team Privacy Identity policy, W3C

Mr. Shlegel, Robert 

   Moscow, Russia – Deputy, Member of the Parliament, State Duma of the Russian Federation

Mr. Soboutipour, Shahram 

   Tehran, Iran - Senior Advisor on International Affairs, Tehran ICT Guide Organization (TIG) 

Mr. Spiller, Thomas

   Brussels, Belgium - Vice President, Global Public Policy, Europe, Middle East and Africa, The Walt Disney Company (FRANCE)

Mr. Wilson, Paul

   Brisbane, Australia - Director General, APNIC

Mr. Yao, Noel

   Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Special Advisor of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Chief of Communication Staff

Ms. Yilmaz, Filiz

  Amsterdam, Netherlands - Independent Internet Governance Consultant, Partnering and volunteering at RIPE, ICANN, ISOC

Ms. Zachariah, Desiree

   Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda - Country Based Specialist, Antigua and Barbuda, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)


The following former IGF host countries are also invited to attend and contribute to MAG meetings:

• Greece

• Brazil - designated Mr. Jandyr Santos Jr (Counsellor, Head of the Information Society Division,  Department of Scientific and Technological Themes, Ministry of External Relations) as representative

• India

• Egypt - designated Ms. Christine Arida (Director of Telecom Services and Planning Division, National Telecom Regulatory Authority) as representative 

• Lithuania

• Kenya

• Azerbaijan

• Indonesia - designated Mr. Moedjiono, Sardjoeni (National ICT Council Executive Team Member) as representative

• Turkey