PNMA Repository

One stop shop for the good practices collected and discussed during the yearly PNMA processes

In each of its yearly action plans, the Policy Network on Meaningful Access explores the collection and analysis of good practices around Connectivity, Digital Inclusion, and Capacity Development. Please refer to the links below for more information; the initiatives were included in the Output Report of their respective years; in addition, some cases were selected for on-stage discussions during the IGF Annual Meetings.

PNMA Good Practices:

  2023  ||  2022 (cases which informed Implementation Updates in 2023)  ||  2022 (all cases)  



BPF Local Content Good Practices:

The PNMA acknowledges and appreciates the work of its predecessor, the Best Practice Forum on Local Content, as the inception for the Repository of Good Practices. Policies and activities debated in the BPF's annual processes can be found below.

  2018  ||  2017