Marcin Krupa

Mr. Marcin Krupa

Mayor of Katowice

He was born in Katowice and lives there. He is married and has two children. A graduate of the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport. In 2005 he defended Ph. D. thesis on construction and exploitation of machines and then worked as an adjunct at the same university. He also did a postgraduate course on organization management.

Member of the Katowice City Council (2006-2010) – the vice-president of the Local Government Forum and Piotr Uszok and the president of the Treasure Committee. He was also a member of the Revisory Committee as well as the Committee for Health Protection and Environment. Deputy Mayor (2010-2014), in charge of e.g. strategic planning, transport system development, environmental protection, municipal economy, planning and spatial management as well as housing.

He is an expert on EU-projects evaluation in the frame of the Regional Operational Programmes for the Silesian Voivodship; moreover he is a motorsport referee, expert witness regarding automotive means of transport. He is interested in new technologies.